“The Feid Phenomenon: The Colombian Reggaeton Star who Composes Hits for the Biggest Names in Music”

Believe it or not, you’ve been listening to songs by Sweep for longer than you imagine. Salomón Villada Hoyos, better known as Feid or Ferxxo, has become one of the main protagonists of the urban music scene. Carrying reggaeton by flag, the Colombian has climbed the charts suddenly, making his songs sound around the world. But music has not just landed in his life, as he has composed hits for other great voices on the scene. This is the Feid phenomenon.

Lets start by the beginning. Salomón was born in Medellín on August 19, 1992. Although he began by taking an interest in the clarinet, he soon discovered that singing was his thing. For this reason, he would begin to delight the attendees of numerous school parties, birthdays and other family and friends gatherings with his voice.

He started singing for his university choir, and then he discovered that reggaeton was what really moved. “I worried about learning to sing and learning to interpret it”he says in an interview with El Tiempo. His first single is Morenawhich was heard a lot in countries like Ecuador and Colombia, among others.

Then, his talent reached artists of the stature of J Balvinfor whom he composed Ginza. Immediately, the song became an international success and Universal Music decided to sign it. It was then that she joined J Balvin in How oddand many already put a face to the creator of successes as Meters from CNCO, I still miss you the Balvin, Kissing you of Floor 21, Rosa of Anitta and Prince Royce and eat and go by Nicky Jam, among others.

More and more artists wanted to collaborate with him. PASTURE with Justin Quiles, FRESH KERIAS with Maluma, Hey Mor with ozuna, Geek with Karol G and ERASER with Manuel Turizo They are some of the songs that have sounded the most and that you have surely heard.

In addition, the lyrics of their own songs, such as those included in their albums FERXXO (VOL. 1: M.O.R.) y Happy Birthday Ferxxo We Hacked You The Album they have completely conquered millions of young people around the world, who have shared them on digital platforms. In this sense, TikTok has influenced, and a lot, the expansion of his success, since thousands and thousands of users have used his songs for their videos, which has made his voice reach even further.

style and dictionary

What also defines Feid’s success is the universe that has been created around him. Green is his favorite and the one that represents him, which is why his fans have turned his concerts into a veritable tide of this color. In addition, he has some words that only he and his fans understand. All of course related to Colombian slang of which he constantly boasts: Mor (love), chimbita (woman), farrear (going out to a party), nea (partner or someone from the neighborhood), chorro (drink)… Using these terms directly makes you one of the army del Ferxxo.

It is also accompanied by a unique styling. His sunglasses and his cap are elements that are never missing in our protagonist’s outfits, something that characterizes him and for which everyone immediately identifies him. Some have even copied his style.

Feid in concert / Media and Media (Getty Images)

in other songs

Its success has crossed borders so much that some artists already mention it in their songs. This is the case of Merchothe viral song by LiL Cake and Migrantes, which has revolutionized the platforms with its chorus: “In the Mercho, listening to Ferxxo. Today I want to sleep, but lying on your chest.”

In short, Feid has become an unstoppable phenomenon and a very clear case of success, understood by the mixture of his recognition in various international awards, his catchy lyrics, his hypnotizing rhythms, his landing on platforms and networks such as TikTok and a style that many have made their own.

And you, have you also joined the green tide of Ferxxo?

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