The FFBB rejects Hyères-Toulon and Golbey-Epinal, which have 10 days to appeal

The Management Control Commission (CCG) of the FFBB has ruled on the clubs entered in the LFB/LF2/NM1 championships for the 2022-23 season and/or sportingly qualified for these competitions at the end of the season (excluding PFBB). It also ruled on the commitment of clubs entering NM1 and 2/NF1. Hyères-Toulon and Golbey-Epinal, two historic clubs, are in the hot seat.

Opinion favorable to the commitment in LFB 2022/23:

Roche Vendée BC, ESB Villeneuve d’Ascq LM, Flammes Carolo Basket AA, Lyon ASVEL Women, St Amand Hainaut Basket, SASP Basket Landes, Tarbes Gespe Bigorre, BL Montpellier MMA, SASP Bourges Basket, Landerneau Bretagne Basket, UF Angers Basket 49, SAS Toulouse Metropole Basket

Opinion favorable to the commitment in LF2 2022/23:

Montbrison Féminins BC, COB Calais, Champagne Basket Féminin, C’Chartres Basket Féminin, AS Aulnoye Aymeries, USO Mondeville Basket, BC La Tronche Meylan, Strasbourg Illkirch Graffenstaden, Charnay Basket Bourgogne Sud, Feytiat Basket 87, Monaco Basket Association

Opinion favorable to the entry in NM1 2022/23:

STB Le Havre, Vendée Challans Basket, ALS Andrézieux Bouthéon Basket, SASP BC Orchies, Union Tarbes-Lourdes PB, Rueil AC Equipe 1ère, CEP Lorient Breizh Basket, SOM Boulogne, Toulouse BC, Aurore Vitré BB, AS Kaysersberg ABCA, C’Chartres Men’s Basketball, Caen BC, SO Pont de Cheruy Charvieu Chavanoz, Basketball, Mulhouse Basket Agglomeration, Besançon Avenir Comté, Union Rennes Basket 35, Sables Vendée Basket, SASP Poitiers Basket 86, Cergy Pontoise Basket-Ball, SAS Perfomance LyonSo Basket, Children of Forez Basket, Berck Rang du Fliers, Loon Plage AS, Union Tours MB, SASP Rouen MB

Unfavorable opinion on entry into NM1 2022/23:

Hyères Toulon Var Basket: Demotion of all senior teams in the Regional League

Opinion favorable to accession to PRO B 2022/23:

Etoile Angers Basket and Stade Rochelais Basket

Opinion favorable to the commitment in NF1 2022/23:

BC St Paul Rezé, US La Glacerie Basket, Anglet Côte Basque Basket, AS Orly Basket, Bordeaux Ambitions Girondins, Stade Français Basket

Opinion in favor of entering NM2 2022/23:

JSA Bordeaux Métropole Basket, Dax Gamarde Goos Basket, US Avignon Le Pontet Basket, ASCL Furdenheim, AL saint-Priest Basket, Basket Cro Lyon, Castelnau Medoc BC, GCO Bihorel, Levallois Sporting Club Basket, Montpellier Basket Mosson, Rennes Pole Association, TOAC Basket, US Alfortville Basket, Val de Seine Basket, Wasquehal Flash Basket

Unfavorable opinion on entry into NM2 2022/23:

AS Golbey Epinal Basket: Demotion of the 1st men’s team in the Regional League

In accordance with the provisions of article 924 of the FFBB General Regulations, clubs may lodge an appeal before the Appeals Chamber against the decisions of the Management Control Commission, within 10 working days from the date receipt of the decision.

Photo : HTV

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