In Sesto San Giovanni, near Milan. He got stuck in an air duct

The boy who died last night fell from a height of 25 meters inside a ventilation pipe after climbing, to take a 'selfie' with a group of friends, on the roof of the Sarca shopping center in Sesto San Giovanni ( Milan). It happened just before 10.30pm.

The firemen to extract the boy, A.B., who had turned 15 last April and was a resident of Cusano Milanino, performed a very complicated maneuver. The boy, taken to Niguarda, died shortly thereafter.

The friends told the police that they wanted to take a selfie to show that they had 'conquered' the top of the Skyline cinema, which is located inside the mall.

According to what has been rebuilt so far, the teenager has climbed with a group of friends on the roof of the structure and when it was discovered by security has escaped.


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