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A proposal that can mean a great advance against online harassment and violence, but that still has much to clarify and improve.

Everything seems to indicate that Australia could be one of the first countries in the world to be against the actions of Internet trolls. The above is promoted by its prime minister, Scott Morrisson, who is introducing new defamation laws that would force platforms to reveal the identity of these people.

How to force social networks and other platforms to hand over the personal information of these users? Through a series of fines, they seek encourage this situation not to occur.

Measures against trolls

For this reason, the various platforms on the web must create a system to manage complaints from people who feel that they are victims of defamation or attacks against them.

Part of the proposal explains that the person who posted the harmful content will be asked to remove it. However, in the event that they refuse, or if the victim wishes to take legal action, the platform may proceed to request the author’s permission to disclose their information.

But what happens if said troll refuses to reveal his data? Laws will begin to introduce information disclosure orders. This means that the platforms will have the ability to reveal the identity of the user without their permission.

Although, if for any reason the platform is unable to access said information or refuses, it must also be held responsible. An example of this could occur on Twitter, where there are usually attacks on various accounts; If this situation occurs and the social network does not want to deliver the data or cannot access it, you will have to pay a fine.

Now, if the troll in question is in another country, everything seems to indicate that this will come to nothing, since the law is only for Australia.

An eternal fight

It is expected that during this week, a draft of said law will be delivered, however, it would not be discussed until next year. Also, it is not yet clear what specific details the platforms will be asked to collect and disclose from the trolls.

Also, it is worrying that it is not yet known how serious the case of bullying should be to justify the disclosure of someone’s identity. For this reason, a proposal of this type can seriously violate people’s privacy.


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