Home Business The fight between lime and Segway about alleged flaming scooters gets hot

The fight between lime and Segway about alleged flaming scooters gets hot

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In an apparent battle between two e-scooter companies, the heat is burning after Lime said earlier this week that some of the batteries made by one of its manufacturers, Segway Ninebot, could catch on fire. Now, Segway goes against the accusation, suggesting instead that Lime does not understand how the batteries work.

Lime tackled this apparent problem earlier this week in a statement on his website and wrote that there was a problem with some of the Ninebot scooter batteries used in his own e-scooters, which "could cause the battery to glow or in some cases Lime said it worked with Segway to eliminate the problem by creating software programs that could diagnose potentially affected batteries and scooters and pull them off the streets in Los Angeles, San Diego and Lake Tahoe.

"At no time were drivers or members of the population at risk," the company said. "Unfortunately, despite our recent efforts, we have received an unconfirmed report that another Segway Ninebot scooter model may also be susceptible to battery failure, which we are currently investigating."

In a statement to the Washington Post on Thursday, Segway bailed out the claims. The company claimed that it had sold "several million" products that used the same battery technology with ease, adding, "We believe the statement was not based on a good understanding of battery technology."

Segway released an additional statement on Friday, doubling the defense of its products. While he did not mention Lime by name, Segway said it was perhaps the maintenance of the scooters, which was to blame for "operational hazards".

[W]We have observed that operational hazards arise from extreme abuse and vandalism of vehicles in the scooter sharing market. Given that the management and maintenance of shared motorcycles and the identification of damaged vehicles are highly dependent on the operators, it is strongly recommended that operators improve their fleet operation and maintenance to avoid potential security problems caused by improper use Use of damaged vehicles arise.

In an answer to The Statement, a spokesman for Lime Post said that the company "stand[s] through our decision and justification "and that it" waits to work with Segway to eliminate security issues and restore our confidence in their product. "

Another day, another fight in the ongoing war of scooters.

[The Washington Post]



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