The figure of Andre Yakub, Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband, claims to be richer than Hotman Paris: Not a difficult person!

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – The feud between Iqlima Kim and Hotman Paris is heating up.

Even now the figure of a man who claims to be Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband has emerged.

The man, known as Andre Yakub, admitted that he did not accept the statement made by Hotman Paris.

Not only that, Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband also asked Hotman Paris to find out about him who is not a random person.

Investigate a calibaration, apparently Andre Yakub’s anger began when Hotman Paris revealed Iqlima Kim’s confession when he first became his husband.

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Shock Iqlima Kim admitted to being invited to marry, Hotman Paris gave an unexpected reply (Instagram @hotmanparisofficial @iqlimakim)

Reported from Youtube Intense Investigation, Hotman Paris admitted that he had received a surprising confession from Iqlima Kim.

At that time, called Hotman Paris, Iqlima Kim was a widow with one child.

However, in order to pursue a career in Jakarta, Iqlima Kim is said to be willing to leave his child in Sukabumi.

“You told me that you were a widow, had 1 child in Sukabumi.

In order to make a living in Jakarta, you entrust your children to your neighbors,” said Hotman Paris, quoted by, Thursday (12/5/2022),

Apparently, Hotman Paris’s words sparked a strong reaction from Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband.

Accompanied by attorney Razman Arif, Iqlima Kim’s ex-husband also checkmate Hotman Paris.

According to Andre Yakub, Hotman Paris’ remarks seemed to give the impression that Iqlima’s relationship with her ex-husband was not good.

Even because of that, it seems as if Andre Yakub and Iqlima Kim have abandoned their child.

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