The film about Karel Gott arouses huge emotions: Iva Janžurová escaped from the cinema!

“Mrs. Ivana Gottová decided to make an official public appearance for the first time on October 1, symbolically on the anniversary of Karel Gott’s death, and thus on the day of the ceremonial premiere of Karel. The director of Febiofest, Mr. Kamil Spáčil, personally apologized for today’s absence. she fully respects and understands the decision, “said widow spokeswoman Aneta Stolzová to Bleska.

Many celebrities arrived at the opening, including friends of the late Karel Gott. They made no secret of the fact that watching a film is very emotionally demanding for them!

“I’m coming here for a doll, a statue or I don’t know what exactly. Now they made me cry because of Karl Gott, I don’t know if I’m going to the film at all, I can’t stand it. I have handkerchiefs,” Iva Janžurová told the same website. But in the end, she didn’t even dare enter the hall!


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