The Film Chair resumes activity with a script course

Francisco Pardo, Yolanda Alonso and José Ángel Lázaro. / LADYBUG

The cycle will feature technical classes directed by Lola Salvador Maldonado for ESAD students and ten free presentations

The screenwriter Alicia Luna, in charge of the cinematographic texts for films such as ‘Te doy mis ojos’, for which she won the Goya award, will be this Tuesday, January 25, at 6:00 p.m. at the University Services Center to teach a class masterly. Admission will be free and with a maximum of 40 places, so to attend the appointment it will be necessary to register in advance.

It will be the first conference of a total of ten master classes given by film professionals that will take place in the city and in which the guests, of whom for the moment, those responsible for the Film Chair, responsible for the activity, they have only revealed that they are all currently active, they will cross the different professional technical specialties (editing, directing, costumes, sound…) with storytelling. The activity will be part of the two modules of the introductory film script course, ‘Writing for the screens’, coordinated by the chair and in collaboration with the Higher School of Dramatic Art of Asturias (ESAD).

The other part of this course will be aimed specifically at ESAD students, and will begin on Wednesday in Gijón. The students will deal here with more technical issues and it will be coordinated by Lola Salvador Maldonado, winner of the National Cinematography Award and the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts and known for film scripts such as ‘El Crimen de Cuenca’ or ‘Bicycles are for the summer’.

The winner of the Goya, Alicia Luna, will give the first masterclass of the cycle this Tuesday

This course opens the opportunity for students to “encourage that restlessness that is there latent and to which it is given encouragement, it gives us the opportunity for our students, who are wishing to study dramaturgy, to fill that space and cover that need », argued Francisco Pardo, head of the Department of Artistic Promotions of the ESAD, yesterday at the presentation of the course together with the Councilor for Culture, Yolanda Alonso and the deputy director of the chair, José Ángel Lázaro.

Thus, the Avilés Film Chair begins its second year of activities. The choice of this first “gathers all the main characteristics of what we want this project and its image to be, since it goes beyond the cinematographic,” according to Lázaro. For this 2022, the chair has a budget of 20,000 euros from the city council, an amount that has been doubled compared to last year.