Millions of viewers will again be chained to the TV screens: at 21:00 on the TV channel "Russia 1" – the continuation of the film "Godunov". From the first episode, he became the champion in the number of viewers among TV series on Russian television this year. Kinosaga filmed on the basis of historical documents and work with consultants. The scenery and costumes are thought out to the smallest detail – only they took six thousand hours to create.

The atmosphere of the end of the XVI century and dozens of historical characters: the television saga about the life and family of Boris Godunov aroused an unprecedented interest of the audience. In the first series, viewers saw the last years of the reign of Ivan the Terrible and the history of the ascent of a representative of a poor and ignoble family to the heights of power.

No less exciting in the series and love line. The actors managed to portray true love on the screen, and the steam was not spilled on the set.

“Sergei Vitalyevich and I met only on this project and somehow very quickly found a common language,” says Svetlana Khodchenkova.

– Do not order fish anymore, something did not go!
– Still, toxicosis something serious!

The play by Svetlana Khodchenkova impressed Sergei Bezrukov so much that he even asked the writers to add one phrase to the text.

"Sveta Khodchenkova played Maria Godunova, and I improvised, asked the producer: I say, can I say this phrase, she is very important to me -" Maybe because of you I became the king, "he says.

Ahead of the audience awaits the most interesting: the ascension of the first elected king to the throne, intrigue and betrayal, and the beginning of one of the tragic moments of Russian history – the Troubles. Do not miss the new series "Godunov": today at nine in the evening, right after the big "Vesti".

The general sponsor of the multi-part film “Godunov” was VTB Bank.


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