The film ‘I Was Born Rosellini’ will be shown online for three days

Alessandro Rosellini’s documentary “I Was Born Rosellini”, which opened the Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF) this year, will be available online this weekend – October 29-31.

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According to the filmmaker’s representative Zane Dzene, the international success of “I Was Born Rosellini” is complemented by the inclusion of the film in the program of the most prestigious documentary film festival in the USA “DOC NYC”.

At the heart of the film is the family of the famous Italian director Roberto Rosellini. He was quite a difficult father to his children. Rosellini’s scandalous novels with women at the time, including Hollywood actress Ingrid Bergman, took over the front pages of newspapers and left offspring with blood from different nations.

Alesandro, the director’s eldest grandson, has an uneven career as a photographer and a long history of drug addiction. Unable to keep up with the bar imposed by his grandfather-genius surname, at the age of 55 he decided to make a film about the sage of Rosellini, gathering his famous relatives in front of the camera for almost impossible family therapy.

Alessandro Rosellini’s debut film is a witty portrait of the family, dominated by the Master’s charismatic presence, the filmmakers write.

The film “I was born Rosellini” is a joint work of Italy and Latvia, and its premiere took place at the Venice Film Festival. Just with Alessandro Rosellini, the film was opened by Riga IFF.

The film “I was born Rosellini” for three days – from October 29 at 8 to October 31 – will be shown online in the territory of Latvia – here.

The international success of Alessandro Rosellini’s debut work continues with the inclusion of “I Was Born Rosellini” at the most prestigious and significant documentary film festival in the USA “DOC NYC”: The film will premiere in the United States and will be screened on November 14 and 16 at the SVA Theater in New York.

“Three years ago, Alessandro Rosellini came to the B & BFilm studio with a strange idea. He was convinced that his whole family was affected by a strange disease that only a few of his relatives could recognize. He had even given it the name” rosellinitis. ” the feeling of inadequacy inherent in the children of famous people, especially the children of a father who was able to be outstanding, domineering and absent at the same time, “says Rafaele Bruneti, a producer from B & BFilm.

“From the planning of the film to the completion of the editing, it was an emotionally filled journey for our entire Italian-Latvian team. we already went on the first expedition to Danholmen and spent several days in Ingrida Bergmane’s house on a lonely island.

During the filming, together with the cameraman Valdis Celmiņš and the co-author of the screenplay Dāvis Sīmanis, we got to know Alessandro’s family scattered around the world. Two years ago in New York we experienced two days full of contrasts and sincerity – first with Alessandro’s mother in the park next to her nursing home, we fought in a hectic African American festival, the next we filmed the Rosellini family glamor photo session in the studio of famous fashion photographer Mark Seliger, “says Uldis Cekulis .

The film has already received several laudatory reviews in foreign media. Rolling Stone Italia has named it the best documentary of the year, while La Repubblica writes: “Exploding, wrong, funny. A film about the joy of life.”

“The genius of neorealism is revealed in an intimate, but unusual, sometimes even unpleasant form, in which the artist is overshadowed by man,” the film says in a review of “Variety”.