The film Jurassic Park, which arrives in June, received another preview

In World Domination, the goal of dinosaurs is surprisingly world domination.

The nearly two and a half hour will arrive in Hungarian cinemas on June 9th Jurassic World: World Dominationwith which the studio closes the Jurassic World trilogy, was therefore the prime time for another preview in which the now-striking, mostly amazingly angry animals in all parts of the world do what they do best: run around in strange noises and try to get everyone into at least two pieces. to break up.

According to the preliminary, the story is at the center Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) officially states that the new Jurassic era has arrived, when dinosaurs and humans have to live together, but it will not be as smooth as the characters have to face a new threat – the Gigantosaurus.