The Filmoteca also claims Portabella’s cinema online

The particular cinematic universe of Pere Portabella an online cycle of the Filmoteca de Catalunya is the focus of these days of confinement. The institution has scheduled a retrospective on the Figueres filmmaker that can be seen openly via YouTube by pandemic restrictions.

As long as cinemas remain closed, the collaboration of the Filmoteca and its producer, Films 59, will allow watch a new session with one or more films from 8pm every Monday until Sunday of this heterodox artist who swings between art and politics, always against the current of dominant trends, and often present in the Film Library. His films escape the usual cinematic narrative and mix with other artistic disciplines such as music, painting or poetry.

The first session, which can still be seen until Sunday, rescues Portabella’s first feature film, Night 29, which also serves as a tribute to its protagonist, Lucía Bosé, who died on March 23. From Monday it will be the turn of Count your fingers i Vampire – Cuadecuc. It will be scheduled for May 4th Umbracle, and next week there will be the Joan Miró Program, with the exhibition of Miró, the other, Aidez l’Espagne, Premios Nacionales, Miró Tapís and Miró Forja.

May 18 will be scheduled Dinner, and the following week General report on issues of interest for public screening. The week of June 1 will be for the Carles Santos Program with Play Back, Santos Action, The Storm i Long live the piano. The next one will be for Warsaw Bridge, the other for The silence before Bach and the latter for National Awards, Art in Catalonia and Moving. The cycle will close the week of June 29 with the programming ofGeneral Report II.


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