The financial lights of the ENA in the red


"The Parisian" had access to the accounting and the social report of 2017 of the prestigious establishment, which has a serious deficit.

The ENA deficit reached 2.8 million euros in 2017, out of a budget of 40.8 million euros.

The financial lights of the National School of Administration (ENA) are in the red, reveals The Parisian in its edition of Sunday, October 14. The payroll is too heavy, the new missions imposed by the state are expensive while the public subsidy stagnates, and the treasurers of the school are struggling to make paying the bills of the services proposed by the school details the daily newspaper which had access to the financial account 2017 of the establishment.

ENA's deficit is growing. The school risks bankruptcy within four years without measures for restore not. All the more, reminds Le Parisien that an internal note had already put the subject on the public square in the past. A situation that causes disorder, where the State sets itself the mission of teaching the rules of good public management.

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Student Salary and Mission Expenses

The deficit reached 2.8 million euros in 2017, out of a budget of 40.8 million euros. The € 30.9 million personal expenditure alone accounts for almost the entire state subsidy (€ 31.1 million). In particular, the 9.2 million euros allocated to students who lead the line "personnel expenses".

Students in each class are paid 1,682 euros gross per month during their two years of schooling. The ENA also covers the expenses of mission: every year 1.5 million euros are spent on travel expenses, meals and overnight stays granted to students when they are on the ground, internships in the prefectures for example.

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Overdue bills

In addition, emphasizes The Parisian, many training bills are still outstanding. Kuwait owes 569,700 euros to the establishment. And the other slates accumulate: Brazil has two outstanding payments for 20,500 euros and 11,000 euros, the Dominican Republic for 22,588 euros, Jordan for 7,268 euros.

"And the ENA does not seem to be in a hurry to regularize the situation of French bad payers »continues the daily. The Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Police and the Commissariat General for Territorial Equality each owe him 10,000 euros, while AgroParisTech is debtor of 9,120 euros and the Association of Mayors of France, 5,200 euros.


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