It is a very little Christmas story that comes from New York. Yet it all starts with one of the symbols of the Big Apple’s commercial holidays: the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

The fir was in fact cut down in Oneonta, a city about 270 kilometers and a three-hour drive from the famous square where it ended its journey. But that tree brought with it an unexpected guest: an Acadian owl that probably, along with other wild animals, had made that tree its home.

The bird remained clinging there and, miraculously, arrived at its destination until, during the installation, someone noticed its presence: a Ravensbeard Wildlife Center volunteer took it to the center where it will begin a period of rehabilitation and then be put back in kind.

The vets have said that it is not a young specimen as you might think from the size because they are born in spring and in November it could not be so small: it is instead an adult specimen of Saw-whet, or the Acadian owl (Aegolius acadicus) also Nordic owl because it is native to North America and has very small dimensions (it weighs 100 grams and is just 20 centimeters).

The fir felled for the New York Christmas tree was the home of an owl that survived the 270 kilometers of the transport

“When he got to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center we gave him fluids and all the mice he wanted. He hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for at least three days – they say from the center -. So far so good, her eyes are bright and she looks relatively in good shape with everything she’s been through. Once all the checks have been made with the veterinarian and he will have a positive feedback on his health, he will be released to continue his wild and wonderful journey ».

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