The first arrived in Brazil for Matías Rossi

The “Missile” achieved a victory for the first time in its short career in Stock Car, being the winner in a captivating second race in the modern Velocittá circuit. In that second round he was escorted by Ricardo Mauricio and a historical figure like Rubens Barrichello. In the first he had finished ninth, which with an inverted grid allowed him to start the second from second place.

In the first race and with a neat start from 16th place, Matías Rossi was able to overtake some cars and, added to a touch in front of him between Lapenna and Ramos, quickly ranked tenth. She had no problem overtaking Atila Abreu, as the Cruze was injured in the rear right. He automatically left him behind and went for eighth place from Bruno Baptista.

Complying with the mandatory stop, he entered the pits halfway through the race (15 minutes), starting again in 17th position. From there he was able to make up some ground with the stops of those who had not yet done so, beating three cars in the first post-box lap and another seven more in the next two to be seventh with nine minutes to go.

Behind him, the fight between Nelson Piquet Jr. and Diego Nunes allowed him to stretch his advantage over his pursuers and start to get closer to Daniel Serra. But a delay four minutes from the end caused him to lose two places to fall to ninth and final place to the checkered flag. Ricardo Zonta was the winner in the first competition in Velocittá, followed by Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Lapenna.

In the second race, with the inverted grid system for the first ten, Rossi started from the second box alongside Bruno Baptista (10° in the previous one). This time He was not so firm and could not resist the attacks of Daniel Serra and Diego Nunes to drop to fourth place. The safety car quickly came out due to a clash between Suzuki, Abreu, Camilo and Baptista, which neutralized the competition for five minutes. at relaunch lost another place, in this case with Gabriel Casagrandehis A-team partner Mattheis Vogel.

When he was able to recover from overruns, the “missile” he stuck to Casagrande so as not to lose the top squad closing it from fifth position. In front of him, Baptista’s fight for first place continued, followed closely by Nunes and Serra. Rossi quickly entered the pits to comply with the arrest, starting in tenth position and beginning to gain positions with the income of the rest.

Relocating to second behind Tony Kanaan, the former IndyCar pitted on the last possible lap and He left the leadership to Del Viso, who was closely pursued by Barrichello and Mauricio. With the Cruze he switched to the former F1 and went on the hunt for Rossi. A touch between Zonta and Casagrande gave the Argentine a bit of air with the exit of the Safety Car two and a half minutes. In the relaunch he defended well against Mauricio, who had three pushes, against none of him. He was able to sustain himself in a great way in the final three laps and ended up with the victory, first for him in the category.

I relived the victory of Matías Rossi in Velocittá: