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While many manufacturers have announced the launch of their first foldable smartphone, a company took everyone short. It's about … Royole. An announcement that raises some questions.

This is a bit of the hype of the moment in the world of telephony. Who will be the first manufacturer to release a smartphone with a foldable screen? Samsung? Huawei? The answer has just fallen and few would have bet on the identity of this precursor.

Rouyu Technology leads the market giants

Indeed, it is Rouyu Technology who unveiled, a few days ago, the " the world's first mobile phone with a foldable screen ". It is called FlexiPai, runs on Android and is equipped with the latest Qualcomm processor, the SnapDragon 8150. As can be seen in a video posted on Twitter by @Universelce, the device, the size of a small tablet, is actually able to bend in his center.

Rouyu Technology, or Royole, was not really expected on this ground. Quite unknown, the US manufacturer, which also has offices in China, does not usually attack the smartphone market. On the other hand, its main technologies revolve around flexible displays and flexible sensors.

A version that still seems far from the account

However, it seems premature to believe that the FlexiPai will soon flood the market. First, the device displays dimensions much higher than those of conventional smartphones. In addition, the device does not fold completely, even if the way it curls is already a real technical advance. Finally, on the software side, the video of the tweet shows that the OS does not react perfectly when the mobile is folded.

In all likelihood, it is therefore rather a prototype than a final version. The manufacturer's website markets it as " developer version ".

But the FlexiPai is still a first glimpse of future phones that should be revealed in the coming months. To take your trouble, you can already offer a "foldable smartphone". But you will have to pay at least 1,134 euros.

Source: Generation-NT


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