The first Czech woman to pose for Playboy. Actress Schoberová celebrates her 80th birthday

Legendary actress Olga Schoberová celebrated her 80th birthday on Wednesday. She was made famous not only by Czechoslovak films such as Lemonade Joe, Mr. You Are a Widow or Who Wants to Kill Jessie. The beautiful actress has also starred in globally known films. For example, in the Italian film Lucrezia or in the British fantasy film Her Revenge.

She first appeared in front of the camera in 1962 in the film There Were Ten of Us. The Prague native already caught the attention of her appearance, which was her lifelong curse and advantage at the same time.

“At the time when I was popular, I didn’t realize it. Only now, when I look at the photos, I think to myself: “My God, I was really pretty,” said Schoberová.

Between 1964 and 1970, she starred in cult films such as Lemonade Joe, Who Wants to Kill Jessie or Mr. You’re a Widow. “It is essential only because all generations remember it,” says film critic Veronika Bednářová.

At the time, Czechoslovak Filmexport was selling her to foreign productions, so she soon met the American bodybuilder and actor Brad Harris, who became her first husband. Abroad, she reached the peak of her career in the films Lucrezia or Her Revenge.

In 1969, she appeared on the cover of Playboy and married the then head of Warner Bros. studios as her second husband. She thus became definitely an integral part of the cream of Hollywood.

He has not spoken to journalists for years. The last known film in which she appeared was the 1977 comedy Adéla hasn’t had dinner yet.

Michal Čoudek, ls,