The National Weather Service has released a Freeze Watch for the entire center of North Carolina from 10:00. Saturday to 9 o'clock Sunday.

It's going to be a sunny but cool weekend as a big dip in the jetstream brings cold air into the triangle.

The widespread temperatures in the mid-to-late 20s are probably on Sunday morning and end the growing season. The good news? It will also kill the mosquitoes.

Do not forget to bring plants that you want to survive, and do not forget your pets.

This freezing is actually a bit late for the region. The average freeze is usually the last week of October, about two weeks too late.

Get used to the cold, because next week it will be even colder with more freezing temperatures.

The earliest freeze recorded at RDU was on October 2, 1947. The newest freeze recorded was December 3, 1931.

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