the first opposition party re-elected John Steenhuisen as its leader

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Roman Song

The new leadership of the Democratic Alliance has an air of deja vu. John, Steenhuisen, re-elected leader of the party, sees himself thus rewarded for having straightened out the Democratic Alliance, as he affirms: We have been working since 2019 on the first phase of this project: stabilizing and repairing the party to find the way to victory. I can say today that it is a success. »

Often referred to as a party of whites that leaves little room for diversity, the Democratic Alliance preferred to choose stability. And too bad if the new leadership of the party still does not reflect the diversity of its delegates. The Democratic Alliance will not shed its image as a party for white voters. It’s not a question of color, but of talent, defends Patricia Van Der Ross, delegate from Cape Town. ” It’s up to people to apply. The more volunteers there are, the more choices we will have. Today we voted for a very important resolution to stop focusing on skin color and just focus on South Africans “, she pleads.

The people, before the party, is the counter-model defended by the Democratic Alliance against its rival, the ANC. It’s up to John Steenhuisen to convince that his party is interested in all South Africans and not just a minority.