The first Overwatch will no longer be playable on October 4

the launch of Overwatch 2 is getting closer, and every piece of information that is revealed about the game makes the interest in the game continue to grow. great news for Blizzardand it is that the passage to the format free to play along with additions like battle pass can make the number of players in this sequel very prominent. One of the questions that many raise is what will happen to the first game. Blizzard has already made it official Overwatch original will cease to exist as of October 4, the release date of the sequel.

Aaron Kellerdirector of the game, has confirmed it in Reddit: “When Overwatch 2 comes out on October 4, it will replace the current game.”. The changes at first glance may not stand out, but the implementation of a 5v5 system and other types of additions make Blizzard be clear that the present and future of the franchise will be based on this second installment.

Overwatch aims to reach higher with its sequel

Overwatch 2 multiplayer free to play in all its aspects, important news and proof that Blizzard has a new policy around its games.

The initial feeling with the original game was that it just wanted to build on its competitive, esportsbut these beyond the initial impact and everything caused by the Overwatch League and its investment, have not finished penetrating globally. The second part seeks to reach many more people, establish themselves thanks to a model free to playand additions as outstanding as his battle pass and a seasonal roadmap with constant updates including new heroes and new maps