The First RFEF disaster, a tournament with historic teams and four million inhabitants

Rewrite this content In the First RFEFthird category in the Spanish football league system, are represented, among others, the city of Murcia (seventh by population in all of Spain), Palma (8ª), Alicante (11ª), Córdoba (12ª), La Coruna (18º), Sabadell (25ª), fuenlabrada (32ª), Castellon de la Plana (38ª), alcorcon (40th) or logrono (42nd). We cite these examples because by population all these localities would be in professional soccer, since the First and Second Division are made up of 42 teams. The best of the First RFEF would be the 43rd team in Spain if we do a sports classification. Between all these cities they add up to more than 2.6 million inhabitants (2,686,370 specifically, based on data from the latest data from the INEfrom January 1, 2021).To this data we must add the population of as many municipalities that have their teams in the First RFEF: Badajoz, Salamanca, Tarragona, Algeciras, León, Santiago de Compostela, San Fernando, Cornellá de Llobregat, Ceuta or Pontevedra, all of them within the top 100 of cities by population in Spain. The figure then goes to 3.8 million (3,810,374), to which again we would have to add as many populations until completing the 40 teams in this category. One could say, to round up, that the First RFEF adds about four million inhabitantswhich is not the same as fans. It is true that to get these calculations you have to clarify some things –and unfair tricks have been done– so as not to be deceived. We count here the whole city when in many cases not all of that city feels represented by the team in question. In Alicante, for example, the RFEF is in Primera Intercitywhich is far from being the most representative team in the city (it is the Hercules, one category below). The same thing happens with Palma, since its main team is the Mallorca (in the 1st Division) and whoever is in the RFEF First Division is the Atlético Baleares. This is not the case with Murcia, Logroño, La Coruña or Castellón, whose main team is in this category. That without counting that obviously The entire population of a city is not only a fan of soccer, but also not a fan of their city’s team. On the other hand, we also do not count the teams from the big capitals because obviously they do not represent the entire city and they are also subsidiaries: Real Madrid Castilla, Barcelona B, Bilbao Athletic, Osasuna B, Real Sociedad B…Used that ‘trap’ when counting, perhaps the number of subscribers is the fairest to identify the follow-up to the clubs that participate in the Primera RFEF. And the data is very high to be a third level that is not even professional. But there are historic teams and very heartfelt fans that explain this. For example, from the historical classification of the League there is here a whole champion of the tournament, the Deportivo de La Coruña. He too Real Murcia, with 19 courses in First. Or the Sabadell, who spent 14 years in the highest category. He too unionists, created by fans of the extinct UD Salamanca. Or the Castellon and the Córdoba. and the heirs of Compostela. And the Pontevedrathe Numanciathe Native of Tarragonathe Merida and the Cultural and Sports Leonesa. All of them played in the Primera División at some point. Most populated cities with representation in Primera RFEFMurcia: 460,359 inhabitantsPalma*: 419.366Alicante*: 337.304Córdoba: 322.071La Coruna: 245.468Sabadell: 216.204fuenlabrada: 192.233Castellon de la Plana: 172.589*The team is not the most representative or with the most fans in the city** INE data as of January 1, 2021Deportivo and Córdoba, for example, have more subscribers than almost half of the 42 teams that are in professional football. The Galicians are, for now, around 15,000 (last year they had 20,000) and the Andalusians exceed 11,000. Castellón already has 9,000 and Real Murcia reaches 8,500. Adding the 40 teams, you can perfectly reach 100,000 subscribers, a very important figure taking into account the factors that this third level of Spanish football has. All of them are ‘mistreated’ by a lousy organization. There are four days left and the competition does not know where it will be broadcast, because until this Wednesday there was still time to television offers that did not arrive. Despite having great teams, the official information from the Federation, on whom the category depends, has been null. The official account on social networks, for example, has no activity.Without television, information, schedules…Such is the disaster into which this Primera RFEF – which is celebrating its second season – has been submerged that as soon as it begins it will do so with scandal and sadness. The DUX International of Madrid has all the ballots not to compete not having enough players or money to expand the squad. Since no one has done anything, this team is registered and belongs to the tournament, but once it does not appear in two consecutive matches it will be excluded. As soon as a group started, it would be lame and would have 19 teams in the clearest case of chaos in a tournament. That already happened last year with Extremadura, but at least they started the competition and withdrew in the middle. Now a team would be missing from the beginning and with so many others who are at a lower level wanting to have that place, it would be deserted.Although this competition was very well thought out, the plans have not been implemented. It was expected that he would become professional little by little to turn it into a great third level and of that there is nothing. On the contrary, it is almost worse than the previous third level when it was Segunda B. The teams lack internal communication, They are asked for economic requirements in many cases impossible to meet (minimum budget of 700,000 euros –1.5 from 2023– and bank guarantee of 200,000 euros) and natural grass is required on each field (which has to have more than 4,000 spectators), which has led to extra expenses for many teams in times of financial hardship. Others have not been able to, in the case of Cornellà, who will play in the majestic Espanyol stadium. Last season there were teams that reached the promotion playoffs that ended with losses and that achieving that sporting success ended up being loss-making. Teams with the most subscribers in Primera RFEFDeportivo de La Coruña: 15.850Córdoba: 11250Castellon: 9.000Real Murcia: 8.750badajoz: 5.000Native of Tarragona: 4.250Algeciras: 4.000Cultural and Dep. Leonesa: 3.500*Approximate figures as of August 23**Recreativo de Huelva (in Second RFEF) has 9,000 subscribersIf that’s how the clubs are, worse are the fans, abandoned to their fate, without any information, waiting for what will happen. Four days from the start they don’t know where they can follow the matches of their teams and they also do not have schedules beyond the second day, so it is unfeasible to organize any type of trip. Thus it is impossible to promote humble footballalways so necessary, and support the team of your municipality. And all this in a competition with historic teams and big cities. At least the Federation rectified and removed the horror of risking promotion in a neutral venue (which ended up not being) to return to the spirit that this football has always had, that of playing round trip in the stadiums of each team. Let’s settle for that, if the competition comes alive by then. and and more content about The First RFEF disaster, a tournament with historic teams and four million inhabitants