The first sexually transmitted infection of dengue was detected in Madrid. Reedus


Spanish doctors reported the first proven case of dengue fever in the country and Europe through sexual contact. Prior to that, in the world, this was recorded only once, and even then – according to unconfirmed reports. The patient lives in Madrid, his partner brought a dangerous virus from Cuba, Pais reported.

Carriers of dengue are mosquitoes of the species Aedes albopictus, which are not found in the Spanish capital. A patient who became ill in September did not leave Madrid during the incubation period. At the same time, his sexual partner visited Cuba and the Dominican Republic, which are considered a zone of increased risk in terms of infection with this disease. The discovered strain is identical to those propagating now in these places. The remains of the genetic material of the virus were found in semen.

According to doctors, such cases have not been seen so far, since infection often occurs in areas of widespread vector distribution. “It is impossible to distinguish whether the transmission was through sexual contact or in other ways. Of course, there will be more cases that previously went unnoticed. However, while they are rare, ”the edition quotes the words of the representative of the Spanish National Center for Microbiology.

Dengue fever is most dangerous when re-infected. Immunity is produced only to one of the four types of virus, and a new disease is much more difficult and often causes death. Mostly the disease affects children, as well as older people, but deaths are characteristic of patients aged 20 to 40 years. Doctors have not yet found an effective treatment and prevention tool.

Symptoms of dengue fever are fever and severe headache. Possible internal bleeding.

In late August, the number of victims of dengue fever in the Philippines increased sharply.


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