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Home News The first snow can fall in Moscow on September 26

The first snow can fall in Moscow on September 26

        23 September 2018, 19:29 – REGNUM
The probability of the first snow falling out in the next week in Moscow does not exclude weather forecasters from the "Phobos" meteorological center. This is stated on September 23 on the website of the Meteorological Service.

According to weather forecasters, windy and rainy weather is expected in the capital next week. At night, the air temperature will drop to + 5 … +10 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the week, and on Wednesday, September 26, in the morning and night hours, it is possible to lower to 0 degrees and the fall of the first snow in certain areas of Moscow.

Also, strong precipitation is expected with gusts up to 17 m / s. Meteorologists forecast the fallout of 70% of the monthly rainfall rate from Monday to Thursday of the coming week.

In addition, there will be sharp changes in atmospheric pressure, which will create discomfort for the well-being of meteodependent people.

Recall that earlier meteorologists warned about the end of the protracted summer in the metropolitan region.

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