The first statements from the brother of Haitham Ahmed Zaki


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Rami Ezz El Din, brother of Haytham Ahmed Zaki, said that he was still very shocked, saying: «a big shock not believable so far – I heard the news from Papa and grandmother very sad I asked him in eh, McNeesh Radi fry and fry Haitham Etoufi, I told him not possible» But Hallelujah. ''

He continued in his first exclusive interview with the program «Cairo now», which is presented by the media to Mays al-Hadidi on the screen «Arab Hadath»: «Haitham is older than six years I lived with him until the age of six Pope took me London and we want to take us, but the father of Haitham was in Egypt Haytham must prefer Jumba ».

Abizaid and «We love some of the very young and feelings have changed what I felt all the time that Lea brother and bond and loves me».

Regarding his mother, he said: "I can not think much of my life with my mother because she is dead and I have three years, but I know that my mother is very great and watching all her films and the pharozes I love all her works and closest to my heart gentlemen and millionaire Shehata."

He said: «After the death of my mother and I lived Haitham with my grandmother and my father had a job in London and I want to take him with him Macinthe I want Asib grandmother and Haitham, but I did not have options at the time».

He continued: «We talked three months ago via Facebook and tell Anu wants to live in London and marry Angie Salama and work with me», Abizaid «Haitham was a strong personality and solid and his heart is very good and wanted to simplify all around him, but lost his father, mother, grandmother, uncle and uncle was He loved them very much and they were his support and they represented him.

“I always felt very proud of him and I followed all his work and follow him during the filming. We were close to some of my father, he loved Haitham very much,” he said. He loves him very much. ”

Haitham said about his absence from the funeral: «Mahalqch funeral but it was difficult Oi high to see a brother dead, but in the end he is a brother I must be present».

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