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If we look at the layout of the Saudi track, it remains to be concluded that if Max succeeds in winning one vital victory, it will most likely happen on that track.

Despite the F-1’s belief that Mercedes will also be a favorite on Saudi Arabia’s potentially fast track, there are a couple of “buts” that Verstapen and Red Bull can cling to.

First of all, there are no long straight lines on the Jeddah track that could dominate the Mercedes engine. Secondly, this route is more like the so-called street routes, which have always caused problems for the Mercedes unit.

At the moment, Verstapen needs to win one victory in order to more or less win the overall standings. Of course, the possible scenarios are still many and varied, including Verstapen’s triumph in the championship before the end of the season. However, realistically, the champion will most likely be officially determined in the last Grand Prix of the season, Abu Dhabi.

Mercedes engine power

Hamilton won a convincing victory in Qatar with a relatively older engine that was fitted to the British formula before the Turkish Grand Prix. This means that Hamilton still has a Brazilian “monster” or engine in his nitrogen, through which he went through his competitors in Sao Paulo like a warm knife for butter.

Here, the question arises – whether Hamilton does not “completely” drive this engine in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. There is no official information on the matter, but there have been rumors that Mercedes has installed a mode on Hamilton’s car that helps develop more power at the expense of durability.

Sao Paulo was an “all or nothing” moment for the Mercedes unit. If Verstapen had won in Brazil, Hamilton’s chances of becoming a champion would have been realistic. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Mercedes did indeed squeeze everything out of the Hamilton engine just to stay “afloat”.

There have also been rumors that Mercedes’ Hamilton counterpart Valter Botot was “gifted” with a new engine three times in a four-race race to find the optimal mode to use for Hamilton’s engine at a later date.

Going back to the engine that Hamilton dominated in Brazil, the question that F-1 fans will definitely ask is whether it will really be able to give Hamilton a significant power advantage again, or whether the Brazilian Grand Prix was a one-off event and this engine already has served?

Luis Hamiltons

PHOTO: EPA / Scanpix

There is no doubt that there is no shortage of F-1 fans who would like to see another champion after seven years of dominance between Hamilton and Mercedes (although Niko Rosberg became the champion in 2016). Also, some do not want to see anyone beat Michael Schumacher’s seven championship marks.

However, the best cards right now are in Hamilton’s hands. Although Verstapen has spent a colossal season and definitely deserves to win the title of champion, he has to “push” another master by himself. And it will be most realistic to do so on December 5, on the freshly built Jeddah track.