The first US comment on intelligence reports about Iran’s readiness to launch missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and Iraq

Al-Marsad newspaper: US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that his country “will not hesitate” to defend its interests and partners in the Middle East.

“What I can say in this regard is that we are concerned about the (Iranian) threats, and we are in constant contact through military, diplomatic and intelligence channels with the Saudis, and we will not hesitate to act to defend our interests and our partners in the region,” Price said during a press conference on Tuesday. for CNN.

Asked whether there was a need to issue a warning to US citizens in the region, Price said: “I can’t talk about what we haven’t done, but you’re right, if we have reliable and specific information about something that could potentially pose a threat to US nationals, of course we will follow all obligations under that policy.”

He added, “I am not aware that we have issued any warnings, but I know that we are in constant contact with the Saudis… I will not talk about the internal process, we always evaluate the information that reaches us that may be of value to us, and when it is the case we do.”