The first world and walking robots: the classic RTS Iron Harvest went to Kickstarter

The first world and walking robots: the classic RTS Iron
 Harvest went to Kickstarter

Back in May 2016, the Polish artist Jakub Różalski said that the dark universe he invented in the aesthetics of the dieselpunk 1920+ would be the basis for a video game. Last year he managed find a developer, and this week on Kickstarter a fund-raising campaign began. Iron Harvest will not be an adaptation of the Scythe desktop game in the same universe (it was also funded by Kickstarter) – it’s a real-time strategy. In the next 30 days, the authors need to get $ 450,000, and they will surely succeed: in the first few hours more than $ 180,000 was donated.

Ruzhalsky also considered options with role-playing game and shooter, but eventually settled on the classic RTS. The development is engaged in Boston studio KING Art Games. This choice may seem surprising, since the team is primarily known as the author of the adventures of The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief (which, incidentally, received a remaster on the day of the launch of the Iron Harvest campaign) and Black Mirror (2017) , but in her track record there is a turn-based strategy Battle Worlds: Kronos and tactical RPG The Dwarves . Both games, however, received discreet reviews. On the other hand, behind the shoulders of KING Art three successful Kickstarter campaigns, so the developers have already gained enough experience in crowdfinding and earned the trust of the players.

Until this point, the game was developed for money, earned from the sale of previous games KING Art (the budget has already crossed the millionth mark). For $ 450 thousand authors can create only a few single-player campaigns (a total of 21 missions for about 20 hours). If the studio collects more than the minimum amount, the strategy may include New Game Plus mode, cinematographic videos, multiplayer, cooperative campaign, joint tests, Skirmish mode for one and several users, leagues and seasons, and for $ 1.5 million the team is ready do also a free DLC-campaign. According to the developers, communication with gamers is an important goal of the Kickstarter campaign, but the studios also need to find partners for the publication and distribution of the game. The total cost of the project will exceed $ 5.2 million.
According to the developers, they interviewed thousands of RTS fans to find out what they want from the modern representative of the genre. Iron Harvest will be exactly what gamers wanted to see it: “Tactics are more important than the number of clicks per second” , the freedom of action is almost unlimited, there are almost no scripted moments, and all efforts will be directed at the creation of a single-player campaign, and not the elaboration of a monetization strategy.

“The Iron Harvest” the Belgian and French farmers called unexploded grenades, barbed wire, cartridges and shrapnel, which were found on the fields after the First World War. But the world of Iron Harvest is fantastic: the realities of the beginning of the XX century coexist in it with giant robots and modern technologies. More about the universe 1920+ can be found in this note .
The plot is submitted from the point of view of all three factions: one of the most influential Saxon empires in Europe, unwilling to accept the defeat in the war, the agrarian Polanska Republic, defending the status and territory, and the huge and powerful, but exhausted by the war, Rusvet, one of the most powerful people in which Grigory Rasputin became. Each side is represented by three guided heroes with unique abilities in combat and reconnaissance. Some are accompanied by pets (such as wolf, bear and tiger), while others control furs or have a special weapon.

The first three heroes (from left to right): the sniper and the symbol of resistance Anna (Polania), the legendary commander Gunther (Saxony) and the spy Olga (Rusvet).

In battles, the player will be allowed to command dozens of units of different types. Soldiers and other subordinates need to be trained on the base, which will have to be rebuilt and protected. Infantrymen can shoot heavy machine guns, mortars and cannons. Almost all the environment in the game is destroyed, so you can not find a really reliable hideout.

To get a copy of the game, just make $ 45. Donating $ 165, the user will receive an exclusive edition of the Kickstarter Edition, including a copy of the game in a metal case, an album of illustrations, two posters, a manual on weapons, an official soundtrack and a 15-centimeter robot figure.

The first alpha version is planned to be released in the summer of 2018, the second (multiplayer if the studio will raise enough funds) – in the last quarter, and “beta” should be released in the second quarter of 2019. The release version will not appear until the end of 2019. Iron Harvest is created for PC (Windows 10), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the test versions will be released only on Steam.

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