The five a day diet, the new trick to lose weight and lose weight

One of the most important risks when it comes to losing weight is the dreaded rebound effect, which makes us regain the lost weight once we abandon the diet to which we have been subjected for a certain time. It is something that happens especially with miracle diets that are focused on losing a lot of weight in a short time.

Doctors and nutritionists agree that the best way to lose weight is to do it in the long term, establishing healthy consumption habits in the day to day so that it is not only about being on a diet, but about having a healthy and balanced diet. If, in addition, we add sport, we will be a little closer to achieving our goal.

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Among those healthy habits is the consumption of healthy products, rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, fiber, etc. And the best example of this type of food are fruits and vegetables, which form the basis of any good weight loss plan and which are also the protagonists of what is known as “5 a day diet“.

The diet of 5

Times Now News experts recommend following the 5 a day diet consisting of the consumption of five pieces of fruits and vegetables daily. In principle, you can choose three servings of vegetables and two pieces of fruit each day, choosing the one that each one likes the most and distributing them in the different meals that are eaten throughout the day.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, but low in calories

This diet is one of the best weight loss tricks that we can implement since it has many advantages for those who want to lose weight. On the one hand, the vast majority of these foods, both fruits and vegetables, they are low in calories. That means that we will not increase the daily caloric intake by adding these foods, as it does with others.

In addition, both fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, but above all they are one of the best fiber sources that exist naturally. Fiber helps speed up metabolism as the digestive system has to work harder and therefore helps to lose weight in the long term in a healthy way, precisely what doctors and nutritionists recommend.

Vegetable creams for dinner, perfect for losing weight. (Monika Grabkowska for Unsplash)

Not only that: there is a huge variety of vegetables and fruits, so we can always choose the one we like the most. In addition, although all these foods are healthy, each of them has its own characteristics, so we can exchange them every day to take advantage of the properties more beneficial that each one of them contributes to the body.

Fruit and vegetables to lose weight

A study by the American Heart Association and that analyzed more than two million people determined that the 5-a-day diet can help extend life, while reducing the risk of suffering from various types of diseases. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases or those related to the lungs are some of those that can improve with the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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Dr. Anne Thorndike, president of the nutrition committee of this association and professor of medicine at Harvard, explains to Healthline that “fruits and vegetables are sources of nutrients naturally packaged that can be included in most meals and snacks and are essential to keeping our hearts and bodies healthy. ”

The important thing is that the rest of the daily diet is not harmful, since it would be useless to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables if, afterwards, we eat or have dinner every day fast food, processed food, etc. A healthy diet will help us lose weight, even if we may sin from time to time with some of the foods we like the most.

You have to be careful with the natural sugar in the fruit, so moderation is recommended

The goal is to burn more calories than we consume on a daily basis, known as a caloric deficit. The 5 a day diet can help us to eliminate the extra kilos that we have left and, in addition, they will give us the necessary energy for the whole day. Mind you, watch out for him natural sugar that fruits contain, so you should always eat all kinds of food in moderation.