The flame of Veysseyre, Richard and Chartoire during the 14th edition of the Ambertrail [classements complets]

The Ambertrail has been run in good weather since its first candle. But the instructions to some 320 committed ready to blow the 14th set the tone, this Saturday: “vigilance”, “do not take any risks” and even, “do not hesitate to report a fire outbreak”.

On the races, there were none. But the heat managers had the last word. Like the Clermontois Baptiste Veysseyre on the 42 km for his first. “I’m an amateur, I run alone”, surprised the Clermontois on arrival (3h58’19”). Seeking the explanation: “The temperature. I drank a lot, I had a camelback, that’s the key I think.

Between passes and dams, the 30-year-old prepared for mountain biking, long 8th, thus took over all his predecessors one by one until the last, Sébastien Virat, in the final kilometer. He was joined on the first step by the Cournonnaise Charlotte Catel (5h09’06”), which having known, furnace obliges, to slow down.

“The last three kilometers were an oven”

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Even shorter, the 21 km did not escape the damper. Which surprised the winner who came from the other, cooler side of Livradois Forez. “I come here almost every year to discover the Puy-de-Dôme side… and the heat,” explained Alexandre Richard. The last kilo was the abyss”. As usual, the trail runner from Terre de Running Feurs produced his effort at the end, overtaking Mickaël Bergerard. “At that time, I ran for my grandfather”, revealed the regular on the podiums of Amber (1h31’16”).

“He was strong on the rolling”, admitted the local Team Run Forez, embarrassed by the heat. “The last three kilometers were an oven”. Arrived 7th, Nicolas Falatik did not say the opposite. The winner of 2021, he had suffered “a very big heat stroke at the 13th km. It emptied my body, I had to manage.

The strongest on the 12 km, Fabien Chartoire appreciated the small passage under the fogger after the line. “I was hot and I was a little limited in the hills”, delivered the Ambertois in swimming for his umpteenth success (51’41”). Almost 20 minutes before the young Stadiste Elodie Lavaud arrives with great enthusiasm.

Francis Laporte

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