The Flash: will Ben Affleck’s Batman die in the new DC movie?


The upcoming DC movie “The Flash” is dedicated to the “Flashpoint” saga and sends Barry Allen through the dimensions. We could see Ben Affleck’s last Batman appearance.

The Flash and Batman: united one last time? (Source:

  • “The Flash” brings the multiverse to the world of DC in late 2022.
  • Ben Affleck plays Batman again, but it could be his last hero appearance.
  • Too many Batmen and Affleck’s lack of interest are reason enough for Batman’s death!

Warner Bros. does not intend to continue the so-called “Snyder verse” and thereby recognize Zack Snyder’s cut version of “Justice League”, but the regular DC hero universe will be continued.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” with Jason Momoa is already being shot and “Wonder Woman III” with Gal Gadot has already been confirmed. However, it starts with “The Flash” (not to be confused with the TV series “The Flash”, here Warner could easily have ruled out the risk of confusion by using a different title).

The film with Ezra Miller in the role of Barry Allen has already been shot and will start in German cinemas on November 3, 2022. The “Flashpoint” saga known from “The Flash” comics is adapted, whereby the story has been heavily adapted in part.

In “The Flash”, Barry will travel back in time to prevent his mother’s death. After returning to the present, however, he realizes that his intervention had serious consequences.

Ultimately, however, “The Flash” is not a simple time travel story; instead, the film introduces the concept of the multiverse into the DC Extended Universe. Barry will not only meet Ben Affleck again as Bruce Wayne, who is at his side as a mentor, but also Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne from Tim Burton’s “Batman” films, an older, alternative version of Wayne from another universe should represent.

Affleck, who actually announced his exit from the DCEU after “Justice League”, is returning here. The official reason for his involvement is that his role in “The Flash” will be much smaller, but it is more likely that the film should serve as a round conclusion for his Batman.

Too many batmen

It is unknown if Michael Keaton will return more often than Batman after “The Flash”. However, DC will soon have a new Batman on offer anyway: Robert Pattinson, who will have its own film trilogy.

Pattinson’s Batman exists independently of Affleck’s Justice League universe, just like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker does not belong to any film series. But that changes with the introduction of the multiverse, because this makes it easy to explain these alternative versions of well-known characters and a meeting between Aquaman and Pattinson’s Batman would theoretically be possible.

Since Warner will concentrate on Robert Pattinson in the future and Ben Affleck doesn’t want to stay permanently in the DC universe anyway, “The Flash” is a good ending point for Affleck’s Wayne. Too many Batmen could also confuse viewers who are already struggling with the multiverse concept.

Affleck’s Batman also offers himself as a mentor for heroically sacrificing himself in “The Flash”. A good farewell with emotional impact, DC will hardly miss it. We’ll know more at the end of next year, before “The Batman” and “Black Adam” fill the long DC gap.

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