The flask lion program has come a long way

We also have good and sad news, ”the Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden began, promising to be a real emotional roller coaster. As they wrote, the good thing is that Shakira An egg was obtained from a female lion named for the flask program. The bad news is that Kankaithe other female had to be anesthetized due to her extensive, advanced cancer.

Photo: Budapest Zoo

The zoo has been dealing with rare and endangered Indian lions since 2010 and five Indian lions have been born and raised in Budapest in recent years. In addition, however, the institution participates in other ways in the work of a breeding program that aims to contribute to the rescue of Indian lions through zoo breeding. Basil their male lion, for example, is currently visiting the Prague Zoo with the aim of mating with one of the females there.

On the female lion Shakira, the veterinarians of the Budapest institution, together with an international team that had previously worked on the artificial insemination of rhinos, performed the special procedure. The purpose of the operation under anesthesia was to obtain an egg from Shakira for a “flask baby program” that also aims to rescue rare Indian lions.

The announcement also reveals that veterinarians have struggled a lot recently for the life of the anesthetized Kankai, who turned fourteen in April, but his health has deteriorated so much that professionals have no choice. As they wrote,

Kankai has been a resident of our zoo for twelve years, and during that time we fell in love with it. But the audience loved him too, so not only we but his visitors will miss him very much.

Recently, this is not the only loss to the zoo. A 21-month-old orangutan pup was killed in May, Móric.

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