The flight attendant took a selfie in underwear in the cabin toilet, and the photo leaked from the airline – Qooah

Recently, the China Judgment Documents Network published a civil judgment on labor disputes, concerning the incident of the flight attendant taking a selfie in the in-flight bathroom of China Southern Airlines, and now it is finalized. It is understood that the party, Mr. Guo, joined China Southern Airlines in 2005, and his job was as a flight attendant. The flight attendant with 15 years of experience, on October 12, 2019, due to the flow control of China Southern Airlines flight CZ3547, Guo was in I tried on underwear in the bathroom on the plane, and sent pictures and texts to the circle of friends. The sending was withdrawn after about 10 minutes, but was reported by screenshots.

According to the screenshots, Guo declared in the circle of friends, “The plane was delayed, I immediately came to the bathroom to try the new product: naked feeling. Experience: it is really the same as not wearing it, super invincible and comfortable” and so on. On November 28, 2019, China Southern Airlines terminated the contract with Guo on the grounds that Guo used his working time to engage in personal affairs and violated a series of company regulations.

According to the second-instance judgment of the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court of Guangdong Province, Guo’s behavior was not only for posting a circle of friends, but also for product promotion. Since this is the case, then this is a commercial issue. There will be a series of negative impacts behind this problem. For example, the flight attendants do not perform their work tasks and safety responsibilities during the duty period. The hidden dangers are often in these details. Although the flight did not have a safety problem in the end, but the hidden danger really exists, so this kind of behavior is intolerable. While working on personal affairs during work, you must know that humans are very imitative, so this also acts as a negative role model for other flight attendants. So friends, although it is free, please think twice before doing it.