The foldables of the future will fold in two directions, like paperbacks

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We’ve talked about foldable phone form factors several times in our weekly section dedicated to this type of device. Of course, each form has its advantages and disadvantages, but now LG wants to unite the comforts of two of them in the same device with some really new screens.

This new type of panel, which would use OLED technology, could be folded like a normal book, as current smartphones do, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, but it could also be folded out, as Huawei’s Mate Xs do.

More versatility for folding mobiles

It has been at Display Week, a technological event held in the United States, where LG has shown its new 3601 folding screens, which can be folded in or out, with the advantages that this entails.

LG 360º screen

Alvarez del Vayo

In this way, we could fold them inwards when we want to protect the screen, and outwards when we want to use the mobile as a conventional smartphone, with one hand.

As is logical, if we want to use the largest possible diagonal we can leave it unfolded, as we already do with the current folding ones.

From 0 to 360º in 8.03 inches

This screen has a total diagonal of just over 8 inchesand can be opened from 0 to 360 degreesthough keep in mind that the presence of the hinge will limit full movement on a commercial smartphone.

Screen resolution is 2480 x 2200 px and has a 600 nits maximum brightnessvery far from what we see in high-end terminals such as folding ones.

The resistance has been checked by the manufacturer. LG boasts that can be folded more than 200,000 times without any problem.

We do not know when this product will be ready for commercial expansion, but LG is now very focused on manufacturing screens for smartphone manufacturers, especially after leaving the mobile phone market.

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