The Force Ouvrière Santé 28 union mobilized for nursing homes in Chartres

“Lack of staff, low pay, working conditions…”, the demands were not lacking. Arnauld Pionnier, departmental secretary general of FO Santé 28 wants to “raise awareness among candidates for the legislative elections”, so that the demands of staff working in nursing homes are heard. The union is calling for a ratio of one agent for one patient over a period. “They are getting there in Belgium! Why not in France? he wonders. “This was provided for by the Grand Age plan by Jacques Chirac in 1996. But since then, everything has gotten worse,” exclaims the trade unionist.

Among the other demands of the twenty people gathered: the recruitment of personnel, all trades combined. “In Courtalain, there is a lack of a cook. In several establishments, duty officers are required to do the dressings because there are no nurses. Arnauld Pionnier criticizes “inhuman management forcing staff to wash patients in less than ten minutes. »

Health professionals from Chartres hospitals are calling for better working conditions and a salary increase

The subject must become a national priority

The union also fears a threat to employees’ leave if no recruitment or replacement is planned for the summer. “This shows the poor managerial quality of the management of nursing homes,” he judges. “The ARS (Regional Health Agency) and the Departmental Council must consider all these problems with us and increase their allocations. »

The union will be received on Tuesday by the chief of staff of the prefect Françoise Souliman, with the ARS. “The representatives of the Departmental Council are never there at our meetings”, notes the representative of the union, before concluding: “a society judges itself on how it treats its elderly people. »

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Thomas Desprez