The former Chavista intelligence chief, General Rodríguez Torres, was released and will be exiled to Spain

Rewrite this contentFormer Venezuelan intelligence chief Miguel Rodríguez TorresSo that the process would not be so irregular, like the one that occurred, in October 2018, with Lorent Enrique Gómez Saleh, when he was removed from SEBIN exiled to Spain, after four years in prison and without trial, the retired Major General (Ex) Miguel Eduardo Rodríguez Torres, between yesterday and today, was taken to two courts in record time; in one he pleaded guilty to instigating rebellion and in the other the facts were dismissed.On Friday, January 20, 2023, at 5 in the afternoon, the retired Major General who He was head of Intelligence (first Disip and then Sebin) for several years and later Minister of the Interior and Justice, was transferred to the headquarters of the Military Trial Court for the opening hearing of the trial. At the beginning of the same, he accepted the admission of the facts for the commission of the crimes of Incitement to Rebellion, thus remaining with the sentence served for 4 years and 9 months and issued a release ticket.But they did not release him, because they ordered a forensic medical examination at the Military Hospital to be carried out on him at night. On the morning of today, Saturday, January 21, they heard him for another case in the first court of first instance in control functions with jurisdiction in cases related to crimes associated with Terrorism; It had been agreed that it was the formality to close the case, but that the charges for the crimes of treason, continued conspiracy, financing of terrorism and association would be nullified for the high official. The senior officer is sent out of the country.The Venezuelan regime has intended that the release of former minister Rodríguez Torres be seen as an achievement of the former president of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and the dialogue table with the Unitary Platform. Given the strong pressure in the streets with the protests of educators, nurses, doctors, workers, among many others, coupled with the resistance of Lieutenant Colonel (Ex) Igbert José Marín Chaparro who has remained without eating solid food for 61 days, complying with the Malta Declaration of the World Medical Association on people on hunger strike, the government of Nicolás Maduro applies a strategy, as it has done on other occasions, using prisoners as a wild card.When Gerardo Blyde Perez, head of a sector of the Opposition at the Negotiation Table, on Friday morning, at a press conference, denied the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Jesús Rodríguez Gómez, by assuring that it was never stated that the US$ 3,200 million of the partial agreement signed last year to address the humanitarian crisis, they were going to be transferred in one fell swoop; “It was never said in that signed agreement that the money was going to go into any Maduro government account.”Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chavista National Assembly (Reuters)This was in connection with the fact that Jorge Rodríguez said, three days before, and at the top of his voice in a session of the National Assembly, that if that money was not returned to the Venezuelan government, there was no reason to continue the dialogue.The day Thursday Nicolas Maduro Moros receives the former Spanish president in Caracas Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapaterotaking charge of the propaganda platforms of the Venezuelan regime in saying that the reason was the dialogues for the peace agreement between Colombia and the National Liberation Army, in addition to the dialogues between the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan Opposition.Rodríguez Zapataero and Nicolás Maduro at the Miraflores Palace (EFE)And the Venezuelan regime intends to show as an express result of the visit of Rodríguez Zapatero and the agreements with the Opposition, the release of Major General Rodríguez Torres. They want other actions, because it seems unlikely that the Opposition has placed as an important point the release of a former official harshly criticized for actions against Opposition protesters in the past. It is even known that several organizations refused to consider the former minister as a political prisoner.During these almost five years in prison, relatives of Rodríguez Torres denounced on several occasions that the officer was held incommunicado, they denied him medical assistance several times, and their human rights and due process were violated. His father, the former mayor of Alto Apure Jorge Rodríguez Galviz, died while the former minister was in prison.You have to remember that the former Minister of the Interior and Justice was detained by officials of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN) on March 13, 2018 while he was at an event in a hotel in Caracas. The officials handed him over to the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), who confined him in his basements. Some time later, given the presumption that he was planning his escape, he was transferred to the military annex that the DGCIM initially set up for Juan Guaidó at Fort Tiuna.Rodríguez Torres was a prisoner in a DGCIM prison in Fuerte TiunaThe hearing was set for this Saturday at 7 in the morning. Already Judge Carol Bealexis Padilla Reyes de Arretureta, of the First Court of First Instance in Control Functions with jurisdiction in cases related to crimes associated with Terrorism, had decided the tax file for the crimes requested by prosecutors Farik Karin Mora Salcedo and Dinora Yoselin Bustamante Puerta, from: Treason against the Homeland, Continued Conspiracy, Financing of Terrorism and Association.Judge Carol Bealexis Padilla Reyes de ArreturetaRodríguez Torres was initially accused of six crimes: espionage, against the Security of the Nation, conspiracy to riot, instigation of rebellion for two different reasons, treason, being dismissed in five of the six crimes charged.Prosecutors Farik Karin Mora Salcedo and Dinora Yoselin Bustamante PuertaFor the only crime that they left him and for which he would eventually be sentenced, the sentence that would be imposed would cover the years in prison that he has served, because “in all legal contexts he is the beneficiary of a measure that is less onerous than imprisonment,” according to says a lawyer who asks to protect his name.“The crime for which he is intended to be tried does not have any type of proof or support and that is easily demonstrable according to the minutes that rest in the file. There is a delay of more than a year in starting the trial, during which time his family has been subjected to property theft and harassment during the time of his detention ”.In the case of the charge for Incitement to Rebellion, the prosecution emphasized that the evidence is a WhatsApp message that a lieutenant, who was never charged, sent an unknown person.The WhatsApp message for which the Prosecutor’s Office charges the former minister says: “From Miguel Rodríguez Torres to you: compañeros and brothers of the nascent broad movement. It is time to start the deployment and hard work to break into the political scene and give our compatriots a beautiful, joyful and hopeful sign of the possibility of building an attractive homeland and that it becomes a regional reference on how to make a revolution understanding the global reality and our characteristics, customs and even tastes”The WhatsApp message added: “we must organize and launch a movement for all born and living on this earth. The work we start is hard and exhausting but it gratifies the human soul and that is enough motivation to do it. Tonight let us ask God for wisdom and righteousness to achieve prosperity, order and peace together. A hug to all of you,” the message ended.Keep reading:The Venezuelan opposition urged the Nicolás Maduro regime to continue the dialogue and set a new meeting in MexicoWithout indicating the reason for the visit, the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro received Rodríguez Zapatero in Caracas and add more content about The former Chavista intelligence chief, General Rodríguez Torres, was released and will be exiled to Spain


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