The former head of Iberdrola Security Antonio Asenjo announced a few days ago that he stopped collaborating with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and has fulfilled it on Wednesday in his third statement before the judge investigating the orders of the electricity company to the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo. Asenjo has refused to confirm who participated in the four audios that have made him listen and the content of what was said in them.

After the fourth recording, he has accepted his right not to testify and has not answered any more questions. The defense of Asenjo maintains in a brief submitted a few days ago that the recordings are not original and have been edited, so being unable to confirm their origin to their client it is not convenient to talk more about them. In the brief, Asenjo said he felt cheated by Anticorruption and the judge instructing the case, Manuel García-Castellón. I also requested that his first statements be annulled on the grounds that his rights were not read before he began.

In his first two statements, in early February, Asenjo answered questions for about seven hours. He declared that the president of the electricity company, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, did not know the orders that for more than a decade were signed with the companies of Villarejo. These are 17 works that the commissioner did on behalf of Asenjo, between 2004 and 2017, for which the electricity company paid 1.1 million euros.

The brief that Asenjo’s defense presented last Monday reports that the former director was so nervous to testify before the judge that he does not have “a clear picture of the first hour of his statement.” According to this story, Asenjo was anxious to “offer light to what he understood was a huge and fatal misunderstanding that had caused the loss of his job and perhaps irreparable damage to the employer with whom he had developed professionally.”

Two of the four audios that have been heard at the National Court mention Endesa’s former president Manuel Pizarro, according to legal sources present in the declaration. As published by El Confidencial -this piece is still secret-, Villarejo made a report with information about Pizarro, a great rival of Iberdrola, in 2004.

Asenjo related in his first interrogations that he was responsible for hiring Villarejo, who made him convinced that the policeman was on leave and that he never suspected that his methods were illegal. He also denied spying on the president of ACS, Florentino Pérez.


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