the former mayor Marc Elsen (CDH) resigns from the municipal council

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The former CDH mayor of Verviers announces that he will leave the municipal council. Marc Elsen explains that he had little taste of the spectacle given by the political representatives of Verviers during the two summer months. He also didn’t like the way things went inside his own party. The negotiations were led by Cécile Ozer in a way that Marc Elsen does not approve of.

“Never so embarrassed to be an elected official”

“I have decided to leave the municipal council. It allows me to stay fair with myself and with my ideas. I find that the image of Verviers presented this summer was pitiful. Most politicians have something to do with it. I have never had so much embarrassment to be a politician when I see the way in which we have succeeded in making a whole series of positions, expressions, changes of opinions, reversals of jacket, d ‘so-called unshakeable commitments which were subsequently modified, I pass on the long internal saga of the PS. By dint of increasing indigestion, I want to change my diet “

Marc Elsen considers that the solution proposed by Muriel Targnion to the “Aydin problem”, a motion of mistrust against the president of the CPAS, then a new majority pact, this solution was not adequate. The problem should have been “discussed” regrets the centrist ex-burgomaster.

However, “Two advisers from my party [Cécile Ozer et Jean-François Denis] decided quite quickly to sign this majority pact straight away, whereas the day before we had agreed to [seulement] start discussions around Muriel Targnion. It gave me the feeling that we were putting the cart before the horse and that we were forcing my hand, for me and also for Claude Orban who shared the same point of view as me “.

Confidence shaken within the CDH

“I deeply dislike the way it happened. The internal trust between the elected CDH officials was more than shaken. Since the CDH had decided that Cécile Ozer would be the negotiator, then Jean-François Denis which stuck a bit to her if I may say so, I participated constructively in trying to give content, but the way it was set up, the procrastination, the I-engage- to-this-can-I-do-the-opposite, all that done I can no longer find myself there and I no longer find the values ​​that have led my political action for thirty years.

Cécile Ozer and Jean-François Denis have established a balance of power within the group to force us to follow them. These are two people that I invited into politics. Maybe when you get older, you have to tell yourself that you don’t have the same importance in everyone’s eyes. Here.”

Cécile Ozer: “disappointed and it’s been a year since he announced his resignation”

“He’s been telling us about his resignation for a year” reacts the future alderman CDH Cécile Ozer, called into question by Marc Elsen. “Even before the political crisis, he had signaled to our ex-president that his resignation from the municipal council would perhaps be for the start of the school year. I find it a bit unfortunate that he uses this crisis to justify this resignation that he had planned before.

I am very disappointed and sad. It’s true that he was the one who brought me into politics. He taught me a lot for fifteen years. I can hear he thinks he wouldn’t have done things like me. Bin … yes, we each have their own way of doing things. I didn’t always agree with what he did for fifteen years. We had internal discussions, sometimes heated, but I note that I, in fifteen years, I have made no public statement against a decision taken by my leader. It hasn’t been the case for two months and I regret it. “*

“We did anything for two months”

Marc Elsen mocks the political soap opera of the Verviers summer: “Note that what was on the table on July 7 was a formula which reinforced Muriel Targnion as burgomaster and which thanked Hasan Aydin as president of the CPAS. Two months later, we arrived at a just reverse solution, but little by little. almost with the same people, except Muriel Targnion. That’s what makes me say that we did anything in Verviers for two months. ” On this point, Marc Elsen is joined by Cécile Ozer: “I agree. Of course. We put on a pitiful show.”

“We hijacked the spirit of the law” judges the former mayor Elsen on the subject of the socialist legal inventiveness which will allow Jean-François Istasse to be installed in the chair of Muriel Targnion; “It damages my moral sense”. There too, Cécile Ozer joined him. She said on Friday “regret having to accept certain unethical things “ and it was this motion that she was thinking of.

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Yet he will vote for the majority pact

Marc Elsen does not intend to resign from his party, the CDH. He also intends to vote for the new majority pact, because he does not want “at no cost” a commissioner sent by the government. His resignation as municipal councilor will take place after this vote.

* Cécile Ozer reaction added at 5:30 p.m.


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