The former Russian prison chief commits suicide in the courtroom when he hears the sentence

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The former head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN), Victor SviridovHe was shot yesterday in the chest with his own pistol in the heart of the Chertánovsky Court in Moscow when he heard the sentence that recognized him guilty of an extortion offense and sentenced him to three years in prison. In Russia until now there were no known cases of suicide before the judge.

Information about the event was provided by the court spokeswoman, Uliana Solópova. Sviridov, what he had directed the Russian prison system until just over five years agoHe was accused of extorting an official from his department, apparently implicated in a corruption issue. He allegedly demanded a payment of 10 million rubles (about 145,000 euros) in exchange for his silence.

The crime for which he was being tried is punished in Russia with sentences of up to 15 years in prison, so three years has been the minimum penalty I could receive. His lawyer, Grigori Ivánishev, argues that Sviridov “was not especially depressed (…) and never showed a tendency to suicide”, despite suffering from terminal cancer. It is speculated that it could be his illness or the fear that, once in prison, his former subordinates could subject him to an insufferable seclusion which prompted him to take his life.

How he put the gun

Now the focus is on the security guards of the court who did not detect the weapon he was carrying. The Instruction Committee (SK) has opened a criminal case to clarify what happened and debug responsibilities. The Telegram channel Baza has published a video obtained from the security cameras in which Svirídov is seen at the moment he arrives at the Chertanovsky Court and crosses the metal detector arc.

The device rang, but the former senior official pulled out a canteen, which tricked the guards into believing it was the cause of the alarm. Sviridov wore very wide pants and it is thought that under the garment he hid the gun. In statements to the press, Ivánishev said that his defendant “logically had a great knowledge of the detection systems in the access to the prisons and knew the tricks to try to make fun of them.”



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