The former winger of the Blues Vincent Clerc (Toulon) announces his retirement



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Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 15:41 | Updated 04/17/2018 at 16:06
The winger of Toulon Vincent Clerc, 67 selections with the XV of France, announces this Tuesday that he will retire at the end of the season.
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Vincent Clerc will retire. (A.Mounic / Reuters)

Vincent Clerc is experiencing his last weeks as a player. The Toulon winger, 67 caps, 38 tries, a semi-final (2007) and a World Cup final (2011) with the Blues, announced on Tuesday that he would put an end to his career at the end of the season . Soon to be 37 years old (he will have them on May 7th), Vincent Clerc will retire with a huge list of achievements: three Tournaments with the Blues, three European Cups, three French championship titles and the matched record of 100 tries in the French Championship . Last two figures that he will still have the opportunity to inflate on the Rade at the end of the season. His team also has 36 European Cup attempts, making him the second-leading scorer in the history of the competition, behind his current RCT teammate Chris Ashton (37). Achilles suffered from two Achilles tendon injuries last year, and he was out of contract with Toulon because he had re-signed for a season . Clerc made most of his career at the Stade Toulousain, where he played 337 games between 2002 and 2016 and built his huge record. Toulouse did not want to extend it and it is in Toulon that he will close a huge career.

“If I could fetch a last Shield, it would be the most beautiful end”

“A year ago to the day, I thought everything was over after my Achilles tendon injury, said Clerc in a video posted on his Twitter account. I thought of stopping everything, but in my heart I felt that the story was not over, that there was still a chapter to write. I fought, I worked, and with patience I was given the chance to do one more season. I will miss many things, friends, adrenaline, competition, the public … But what I remember is that I lived a kid’s dream for years, that I was wonderfully supported and supported in difficult times. I realize that these are the last weeks, the last matches, the last final stages. At the same time, it’s scary and I realize that I have the same excitement. I’m ready, I still want to get a title. If I could get a last Shield, it would be the best end. ”

“I decided to put an end to my career, I had a kid’s dream, I’m ready, I want to get another title”? . ? ? @bros_stories – Vincent Clerc (@VincentClerc) April 17, 2018



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