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The Fortnite World Cup hands out better prizes than the Roland Garros


Bubble or unstoppable phenomenon, professional videogame competitions are becoming a desired jewel. Important companies of the sector are involved, the sponsors have thrown themselves in a whirlwind and little by little they are leaving creating professional teams with the most defined structures.

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Although there are fringes to solve, as in legal and labor matters, is a powerful business that aims to break records this year: according to Newzoo specialized consultant, revenues this year will increase by 26.7% compared to 2018. A figure that will be over 1,000 million dollars. Both the audiences and the prizes distributed have multiplied.

It is a candy that the developers of a powerful game do not want to give up. There are many competitions but "Fortnite", one of the current phenomena of video games, takes the cake. The Fortnite World Cup, which will be held between July 26 and 28 in New York, will distribute some three million US dollars (more than 2.7 million euros) to the winner.


A high number that exceeds that of many other competitions of real sports in the individual category as Wimbledon, whose reward amounts to 2.9 million dollars (2.5 million euros) or Roland Garros (2.3 million euros) . In total some 30 million will be distributed as prizes only in the final because adding the whole championship and the qualifying phases Epic Games, developer of video game survival and action, will deliver about 100 million dollars. According to SuperData Research estimates, «Fortnite» has about 250 million registered users.

It is a sample of the huge monetary amount that is beginning to move the sector to which important telecommunications companies such as Movistar have been involved. The event has even posted the poster of sold-out tickets, which at the moment the capacity will be physical, although it is important to keep in mind that this type of competitions they have a much greater impact on the internet thanks to millions of audiences.

The Fortnite World Cup is a competition open to everyone that includes scoring tournaments in individual and team mode of two users. All gamers who have accumulated a certain number of points earned the right to participate in the first qualifying stages. The best players at the end of the weekly qualifier won a place in the final phase.

The qualifying phase for the Fortnite World Cup started in mid-April and two Spanish players got their ticket to play the grand final in New York. It's about RAmon «Prisoner» Mateu, which belongs to Team Queso, one of the national reference clubs in terms of «Fortnite»; and of Diego «DiegoGB» Gómez, member of S2V Esports. Both clubs of the Orange Superliga in other disciplines.

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