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Matthew and Aline Fontaine, residents of Fontaine-le-Comte, could not miss the first edition on the roads and paths familiar to them.

Aline and Matthew Fontaine during their last outing of preparation this week.

Aline and Matthew Fontaine during their last outing of preparation this week.

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We were looking for a couple to highlight. Preferably Fontenois for the launch of the Relay of the Gars’z they which made its appearance in the calendar of the races off the stage this Sunday morning (read by elsewhere). This is where the president of the organization, Stone Fountain, suggests a paper? on Matthew and Aline Fountain (respectively 35 and 39 years old), a couple of the common. The family is the most precious, but when even ? To tell the truth, there is not a great idea.
The Fountain in order of battleno, No, we do not have any family relationship “, she defends the patron of the event. “I barely know ” confirms the berruyer company Matthew, landed on the Expensive end of 2010 to take the joint management arrangement with the insurance firm Derouin. One of the partners of the event, by the way. In these conditions, nothing prevented us more to put in before one of the relays, mixed-inscribed on the Gars’z.
This is the second time we race common, continues Matthew, in the absence of his wife, retained in its agency banking. in The first time, it was the Galopade Lovers in 2015 or 2016. But in Vouillé, we ran together. A Fountain, this will be the one after the other. ” The couple is put on the later in the running. Him first and then finally madame four years ago. “I was rather basketball and football, specifies Matthew, which will be sent first this morning, while my wife was not at all athletic before donning the sneakers. She had to wonder where I was going in the evening after work? (laughs) “
simply browse around Fountain ” to wash the head, sums up there. in running is a stress-busting great. It became a passion, one cannot do without it. ” once A week, they share an exit even if their level is incomparable. The reference to Matthew on his only marathon to date (La Rochelle, 2013) is about 4: 30 a.m., while Aline has already ran a ” semi ” in 2: 05. “I’m a big stencil of 86 kg, I prefer the trails or the outputs shorter, “details still” Matte “, while his partner Guillaume Derouin, ” easy rider “, is committed on the 20 terminals.
The Gars’z, around the house, gather all the benefits. “We know the corner, it’s fun and practical to run home. We know that we will not in the first, but we didn’t sign up for just the fun of it. We are going to run seriously. ” The Fountain are in the order of battle?

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