Technology The four battles of the 'Hispanics' until the semifinals

The four battles of the 'Hispanics' until the semifinals


"The team has more and more confidence, everyone is having quality minutes and that causes good feelings, something very important in the face of these next games", confessed Daniel Sarmiento upon his arrival in Vienna. The words of the center are the feeling of a team that already appears in all the pools of the final. And that the pass to the semifinals of the European championship will be played against the Czech Republic, Austria, Belarus and Croatia. Four games Four endings And the advantage of having reached the ‘Main Round’ in condition of undefeated and with two points.

The sensations are unbeatable for the selection but prudence reigns among the ‘Hispanics’. "We have made a very good first phase, but the road is still long and complicated & rdquor ;, emphasizes Aitor Ariño insisting that" it's time to rest and think about what's ahead & rdquor ;. That is not little.

First match, against the Czech Republic

The men of Jordi Ribera will start the road to the continental scepter on Thursday (16 p.m. tdp) before the Czech Republic, which won the last ticket for the decisive phase by defeating Ukraine 19-23. A priori, the Czechs are inferior to Spain, but they have a talented center like Tomas Babak and the Martian Galia bolt in goal. Starting with victory will be decisive for the future of a group in which Croatia, the last rival, is presented as the most complicated combination.

Second, against host Austria

Before facing the Balkan team, the Spaniards will mediate Austria, one of the three hosts of the tournament. The meeting, set for Saturday 18 (18.15 hours), is one of the most important, because Pajovic's team comes to this ‘Main Round’ as a group leader and two points in his locker; The same as Spain. Led by a Nikola Bilyk in a state of grace, the Austrians have shown a surprising level and face the decisive phase with advantage. They play in Vienna.

Third, more affordable, before Belarus

The meeting on Monday 20 (6:15 pm) is expected to be easier before Belarus. Depending on the previous results, Ribera could rotate its own before a selection in which its first line stands out. Yuri Shevtsov's men have confirmed the growth of the Soviet handball and have done so thanks to men like Barys Pukhousky, Uladzislau Kulesh and Vadim Gayduchenko. The left back, partner of Dani Sarmiento in France, can play in any position of the first line. Although where it is more decisive is on the left side. Those of Ribera must tie it short, because one on one and the launch are their main weapons.

Fourth, an early final against Croatia

As the anticipated final will come the decisive meeting of the group. On Wednesday 22 (16.00) the Croatia of Cindric, Duvnjal, Stepancic and Karacic will meet with the ‘Hispanics’ in a game called to decide the first place of the group. The Balkans stand out for a hard and well worked defense but, above all, for a first quality line. No matter who plays, they are all dynamite. And they are led by a well-known Luka Cindric. The central of Barcelona, ​​accustomed to walking his magic through ASOBAL, has put on the gala at this European and is commanding his meeting after meeting. The ‘Hispanics’ know him and will try to stop his leadership to get closer to the final.

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