The fourteenth European Cup left 1.7 million new followers

Madrid, June 27. Real Madrid won on its social networks with the conquest of a creditable Champions League, its fourteenth European Cup, eliminating PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City in the knockout rounds and Liverpool in the final, a total of 1.7 million followers new.

The grand finale in Saint-Denis generated a total of 136 million interactions on Real Madrid’s official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, to which its success was transferred by becoming champion with the arrival of 1.7 million new followers, according to a report from Blinkfire Analytics. The last Champions League final, won by Chelsea, had left a figure of 682,000

The previous champions of the ‘Champions’ since Madrid’s conquest of the thirteenth, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, had not exceeded 800,000 new followers with their success in the most prestigious competition at club level in the world. The one that had obtained the most was Liverpool with 791,000.

Among all the social networks that Real Madrid works on, there was a growth of 80% between TikTok (1.4 million), a social network in which it exceeded 10 million views per publication, and Instagram (1.2 million), with over 100 million total interactions. EFE