The fox, who led the monsters of Africa, the masses of the empire were thrown out


The fox, who led the monsters of Africa Vnkst masses flags of his empire Newspaper Akhbarna quoted news editor published to you «Fox», which led the monsters of Africa Vncst masses flags of his empire, «Fox», which led the monsters of Africa Vnkst masses flags of his empire we publish to you our new News Today through our site Our news newspaper and start with the main news, «Fox», which led the monsters of Africa Vnkst fans the flags of his empire. “He died in the magic of his father.” He grew up in the family of a well-known and very successful footballer. He is the son of Hamada Imam and the grandson of goalkeeper Yahya Imam, the former star of Zamalek. The media, critics and fans called him a lot. Of the titles and descriptions, most notably «Little fox, the emperor, and the Imam of the talented», also called the «father of girls», because he has three daughters: Haya and Talia and Lula, he Hazem Mohamed Yahya freedom Imam. The emperor, who was born on April 16, 1975, moved to Zamalek from the fishing club and played his first match with Zamalek in the 1993-1994 season on November 12, 1993 against the Alexandria Federation. , And participated as an alternative to Effat Nasser, and Zamalek won 2-0 with two goals by Emmanuel Amoneki. In his first season, Hazem did not play much of the matches, most of which he played as a reserve player. In the following season (1994-1995) and after Emmanuel Amonike moved to Sporting Lisbon, Hazem began an imam in the luminaries. He played as a key player and scored two goals and helped make 10 goals. After the impressive performance of Zamalek and the Olympic team, coach Ruud Carroll, then captain of the national team, chose to join the Pharaohs with his first match against South Africa on 24 November 1995. Zico son of the pyramids After being selected as Africa’s best playmaker in 1996, Perpaulo Marinho Hazem nominated Alberto Zacaroni and presented him as Zico, the new son of the “Pyramids.” Hazem joined Udinese and became the first Egyptian and Arab to play in the Italian league. As a striker and not a game maker, losing his chance to play as a key with Mariko Amoroz and Oliver Bierhoff, with Hazem playing just four games as a reserve player. During the preparation period for the 1997-1998 season, Hazem Emam’s first official match of the season was against Reggina in the Italian Cup, scoring his second goal, and with a stellar performance in the preparation period, Zacrooney took advantage of Hazem in only seven matches, Marico Amoroz and Oliver Bierhoff, who led the club to their best position at Al-Darwi, finished third and qualified for the UEFA Cup in that period. Hazem realized he would not play as a key player and signed a loan contract with De Grafachab. His father, Captain Hamada Imam, said on a television show in Ramadan 2003 that on the same day Hazem Imam had signed with Udinese, Sir Alex Ferguson had telephoned his father – who was the club’s president at the time – to ask him to move to Manchester United! Glamor in de Gravshap After moving to De Graafschap with a loan contract, Hazem played as a key player in the Dutch league. Over time, due to his excellent performance, Hazem was the Imam of a great league base for an Arab player. Hazem received an offer from Ajax Amsterdam, but his club Udinese’s insistence on his return between the transition. Ignore Ajax After Udinese’s return to Hazem, Ajax’s Hazem Hazem Emam refused to return to the bench, knowing that his future in Europe had become a dream. He decided to return to his old club, Zamalek. , Continued for six months, and then, Udinese officially sold to the White Castle. Return to Zamalek When Hazem returned to Zamalek, he became the team leader and a symbol of Zamalek and found the fans of the club, but all the fans of Egypt, especially as it was one of the factors affecting Egypt’s winning the African Nations Cup in Burkina Faso in 1998. The title of the Cup of Egypt and the Super Cup titles and the title of the African Champions League in 2002, after four years of poor passed by the White Club from 96 to 2000, to restore life to the masses of the White Castle again, especially after the coronation of the African Championship in 2002, to repeat the completion of 96, The last two African titles for the White Castle. At the beginning of the 2004-2005 season, Hazem Emam’s level fell sharply, which has not shown him since. However, the fans continued to support and encourage him. With the start of the 2007-2008 season, Zamalek suffered problems and the club’s results declined. Hazem, and the fans waited a good level of him but his lack of fitness prevented him from performing his duty to the fullest. Retiring “I have been supported by the public a lot since my beginnings, without these fans I am nothing, of course this is their opinion and duty to respect me,” he said after coming down to Zamalek and Ismaili’s match. In the last 10 minutes and show it to a very weak level, which caused the public to attack him and ask him to retire, and after this statement on the same day Hazem Imam announced his desire to retire and that the decision to retire soon. On May 25, 2008, in the last game of the 2007-2008 season, in the final of the Egyptian Cup in a match against Enppi. Before the match, the fans of Zamalek raised the slogan “No to your arrogance Yehezem” and everyone chanted Hazem before the game in reference to their sympathy for Hazem, After the end of the game, Zamalek won the Egyptian Cup on Enppi 2-1, Hazem Imam took the championship and announced the end of his long career filled with the love of the public and support him. Internationally Hazem Emam participated in the national team in many successes and his total matches with Egypt 87 games scored 16 goals, and was the first goal of Hazem Imam is in the African Games in 1995 in Zimbabwe against Zambia, which led Egypt to arrange the group , Under the leadership of the Dutch Rod Krol. Hazem won the first championship with the first team, the African Nations Cup 1998 in Burkina Faso Hazem played an important role in this tournament when he participated in the making of a number of goals and the formation of a trio with Hossam Hassan and Abdul Sattar Sabri. Hazem was the last player to score a goal against Côte d’Ivoire in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Titles in the march of the emperor Pharaohs – African Cup of Nations title (1998 – Burkina Faso). – African Olympic Games title (1995 – Zimbabwe). Zamalek Hazem Imam has won 12 championships with Zamalek, including the Egyptian League Cup (two times), the Egyptian Super Cup (twice), the African Champions League (two times), the African Super Cup (once) , Prince Faisal Arab Cup (once), and the Saudi-Saudi Super Cup (once). Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings of the family website of Akhbarna newspaper.
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