The FPA virus at the gates of France worries the sector / Health & hygiene / Technical

The national porcine health association ANSP provides an update on the outbreak of African swine fever declared by the German authorities on 05/26/2022 in a farm in the state of Baden-Württemberg, 6.5 km from the French border and more 500 km of cases in wild boar from Saxony and Brandenburg.

Home breeding is a outdoor breeding, on a mixed crop livestock farm. It has 35 pigs kept outdoors. 16 animals died between 19 and 25/05/2022.
The farm was depopulated on 05/25/2022.
The origin of the contamination remains unknown. The hypothesis remains contamination by human activities
On 07/06, 12 wild boars were captured in the vicinity and tested negative.

2 mesh fences lined with an electric fence

The national porcine health association recalls the configuration of the farm: the pigs were kept in an enclosure protected by 2 mesh fences and lined with an electric fence. This enclosure is located in an isolated field, 200 m from the edge of a forest. The presence of wild boars is attested in the forest (hunting is practiced there). The surroundings are frequented by many foreign workers, employed in particular in the harvest of strawberries and asparagus, explaining a significant mixing of populations.

What are the consequences in the event of FPA in France?

While the situation is worrying and the virus at the gates of France, Elisa Husson of the IFIP economy department, invited to present the prospects for the sector at the general assembly of the FNP, recalled the possible consequences of the appearance of FPA cases in France and over a long period.

The financial balance sheet for the sector would be:
– fall in the price of pork by an average of 14% for 6 to 12 months
– drop in part prices from 6% to 27% depending on the part
– problem of valuation of the loin and co-products (bacon and offal)

The impact on export markets would be:
– Redistribution of flows to the European internal market
– between 156 and 364 million € loss for French exporters

To date, recalls the national porcine health association, France remains free from African swine fever.