The framework of Debrecen can change significantly in the summer, they can leave:

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It is already certain that Debrecen, which returned to the forefront last year, will be NB I next year as well, but the question is what framework Loki will have for it next season, as the contract of 10 players at the club expires.

Péter Szabó, Chairman of the Board of DVSC Futball Zrt., Zsolt Ábrók, CEO and Dániel Tőzsér, Sports Director, was a guest of the Debrecen TV show, in which they evaluated the season ending on Sunday and talked about possible summer changes.

“We can never be satisfied, but if we consider our options, we can say that we have reached our minimum goal. Depending on the last match, the team can finish in sixth place. can be compensated “ said Péter Szabó.

Dániel Tőzsér added that since he has been working as a sports director at the club, he has managed to achieve the goal in both seasons, and the team has never been out of play this year.

“My conscience is clear, the club is moving professionally in the right direction” said the sports director.

“In the last five years, the two teams that produced the most ‘young minutes’ have always dropped out. And we stayed inside.” – assessed Tőzsér.

It was stated in the show that DVSC has one of the lowest budgets in NB I.

At the club, ten players will expire in the summer, who have also been named Kosicky, Póór, Nikolic, Korhut, Varga, Džudzsák, Soltész, Pintér, Ugrai, Tischler. Tőzsér said that there will be people leaving and staying.

Zsolt Ábrók, CEO of Péter Baráth, said that no official offer has been received for it yet, but if both parties do well, they will consider the possibility.

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