The fraudster of the offending assembly in Jeddah carried out the largest fraud in Yemen! – Saudi News

Preliminary investigations into the arrest of the most famous Yemeni swindler, who arranged and called for a meeting in which he claimed that there was an upcoming project to rectify the situation of some residents, revealed that it is the second time that he has defrauded his countrymen. It turned out that the accused was involved two decades ago in a similar incident that he managed from a popular house in the Al-Qazzaz neighborhood that belongs to his father in the city of Dammam. He carries out his fraudulent activity in a disguised partnership with a citizen. According to the investigations, the arrested person belongs to a low-income family who lived in the popular Al-Qazzaz neighborhood in Dammam, and was involved in financial fraudulent practices, but his case was not revealed due to his superior ability to conceal evidence.

The arrestee carried out in October 2012 the biggest fraud, as he held a press conference in Sanaa announcing a real estate development project worth 20 billion dollars, which is being implemented in the name of a real estate investment group, for several islands that exceed 15 islands containing a group of islands consisting of residential towers, villas and hotels Chalets, artificial lakes, commercial centers, urban facilities, tourist parks and various factories.

The quorum, who was arrested, assumed the chairmanship of the group’s board of directors, and set the project area at about 25 million square meters, to be implemented in three phases, and that the time period specified for the completion of the implementation of this project is 10 years.

That conference facilitated his meeting with Yemeni officials at the time, and the alleged project was well received in Yemeni circles, but it remained a dead letter.

The Public Security had announced the arrest of the accused, and security investigations revealed that he is a resident of Yemeni nationality, who appeared in a video clip, speaking about an upcoming project to correct the conditions of some residents in the Kingdom, as he claimed.

The Public Security statement confirmed that the allegations made by that person are not based on official grounds, and he was arrested and legal measures were taken against him, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution.

The publisher of the video will be punished

Legal Adviser Saif Al-Hakami confirmed that the Yemeni fraudster is referred to the Criminal Court, because his actions and practices affect public order, in addition to being subject to the penalty for producing and spreading rumors, especially those affecting public order in the Kingdom. He added that the regime does not tolerate rumor mongers.

Al-Hakami indicated that rumors that affect order and public security are considered information crimes, whether they are announced, stored on the computer, or published and promoted by any means. years, and a fine of three million riyals, or both.

Al-Hakami stressed that the publisher of the fraudulent video clip is subject to imprisonment for 3 years and a fine of 3 million riyals or one of the two penalties, and the confiscation of all devices that were used in the crime, with the closure of the accounts of those who committed that crime and the website, and the judgment issued against those who committed these acts are published in Official Gazette.