The free game “White 200” asks you to choose the correct white from 200 kinds of white, don’t try to challenge the art designer | 4Gamers

Most people know that each color on the computer screen has its own color code, and its format is composed of “#xxxxxx” symbols that most people do not understand. Japanese developer TumoiYorozu may bewant to take revenge on societyOn a whim, I made a free little game that asks you to choose the correct color code out of 200 whites.

Yes, the rules of the game are very simple, a white color code will appear on the upper left of the screen, and then you must choose the correct color code among 200 white grids, and the upper right will start timing when you are done, if you press the wrong button, Points will always be deducted.

For normal players, it usually ends here at the first step, Game Over. I mean, unless you’re the chosen one or have big eyes, you can only use the mask.

Like when I was in the beginner level, the full score of 100 was deducted to -889 before I clicked the correct color code. Besides, I had no other method, so there was no way to cheat.


When you pass the level, you will notice that “this show begins!”, which means “official start” in Japanese, that is, the first challenge is just a warm-up.

So I pressed it and jumped out of the 1000-point level.


Shit… here we go again.

I can’t be the only one who suffers from this kind of game that makes my eyes twinkle, so in the mood of a prank, I posted it to the art designer of the editorial department, thinking that since they are all art designers, then picking the correct white should be Can’t beat him?

And I also thought about it in advance, if his score is as bad as mine, what words should I use to comfort him, thinking of something like “This game is just a prank, don’t worry about it”, just maintain the harmony between colleagues it is good.

3 minutes later, he came back with the results of his game.


I’m sorry, Lord Beauty, I shouldn’t have challenged you, I was wrong.

Perhaps for UI art designers who need professional color recognition, this game may be a different vision in front of their advanced professional color correction screen.

If you are interested in playing and watching “White 200”, you can directly open the game through the browser: 200 Colors の白から見つけよう! – White 200 (