The Freiburg campsite at Silbersee has a new owner – Freiburg


Entrepreneur Manolito Wehrle from Elzach bought the campsite at Silbersee in Freiburg-Hochdorf. Wehrle intends to invest 1.5 to 2 million euros over the next four years.

Manolito Wehrle has taken over the 18-hectare site from Nora Ruth, who has run the campsite for a while since the death of her father, Klaus Frenzel. The facility offers space for 250 tents and 400 long-term campers and has over 130 daily pitches.
Manolito Wehrle, who has been traveling in a mobile home himself for years, wants to “upgrade and completely renew” the “Breisgau Camping am Silbersee”. This should be the case, especially in the next four winter months…