And if giving your blood was part of your good re-entry resolutionslike registering in a sports club for example? This is the citizen suggestion launched in Nancy by the French Blood Establishment (EFS). In this period of re-entry, the hospital activity is once again supported, especially with scheduled operations. 10,000 donations are needed every day in France to treat the sick, 1,500 in the Grand Est region.

Elisha started giving blood at the age of 20, he has 31 today. That morning, he offers his plasma. Arm extended near the machine, he feels confident : "We come here because we chose it, it's voluntary, it's not like a disease, we wonder what we can do to help others, and that's something we can implement in a very concrete way. "

It's easy and it does not cost anything. Just a little while "- Elisha, plasma donor

Like Elisée, the EFS is looking for new regular donors aged 18 to 70 to maintain this chain of solidarity. "This is a living file", recalls Dr. Maryse Morel, in charge of the samples at the Nancy institution. "There are departures every year because of age limit or because of an illness, 4% of the population of giving age made a donation in 2017. That means that 96% of people could come give their blood, there is room for improvement, that's for sure! Donation is 45 minutes of your time and you have helped save a sick person, save a life. "

  • As a precaution, the health authorities on Thursday 13 September suspended the use of 300 plasma collection machines from the American company Haemonetics. Twice, black particles were observed in plasma pockets. EFS Nancy and Epinal indicate that they are not concerned by this measure because they do not use the machines involved.


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